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    If I wanna ask about finding card shops In a certain town(Omaha), what category would that go in?

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    What sport are you looking for? Or does it not matter? Generally speaking, any of the "Showcase" categories (Baseball Showcase, Football Showcase, etc.) are also "ask for help" categories as well. There is also a category for finding card shows that you may be able to ask the question in as well.

    For the most part this forum is pretty laid back, and everyone is pretty freaking helpful, so you could probably post your question anywhere and it would be fine. If I knew the answer to your question, I'd answer it here, but I don't.

    Best of luck!
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      You can use the Showcase, Show Schedules, or General Chat Forum. Probably the General Chat forum would be the best. I googled it for you and found a few places.

      Omaha Sports Cards
      4857 S 137th St
      Omaha, NE
      (402) 614-9702

      The Card Shop
      4725 S 131st St #2
      Omaha, NE
      (402) 891-0605

      Casey Sports Cards
      8921 J Street #300
      Omaha, NE 68127
      (402) 334-3485

      Lb's Sportscards and Trophies
      2932 South 84th Street
      Omaha, NE
      (402) 393-6630

      Stadium View Sports Cards
      3702 S 13th St
      Omaha, NE
      (402) 731-3394

      Tuva Sports Cards
      721 S 72nd St # 108
      Omaha, NE
      (402) 397-9937