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    As I mentioned in another thread I used to do shows everywhere and owned a shop almost 20 years ago. Back then I dealt with a Card wholesaler 'No Gum Just Cards" and would buy multiple cases of most products. I am not close to needing cases upon cases but don't have a local outlet to get a case of any hockey product and some of the higher end products. My question is, do these types of wholesalers still exist? If so does anyone have recommendations?

    I used to have net 30 days on product but willing to do COD and would take a case of most and I know I have to take crap to get good stuff. Any help appreciated.

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    I think those wholesaler distributors still exist. I remember from the Industry Summit in 2013 and 2014 that Panini and Topps still only dealt directly with wholesalers. Only one I can think on the top of my head is GTS Distrubution.


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      Thank you Key. That is what I'm looking for.