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Crazy Story : New Target Card Policy

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  • Crazy Story : New Target Card Policy

    I went to Target on Monday and it had a new sign on it stating cards can only be purchased at 8am on Friday. So I thought, ok I'll go on Friday morning at 8am right? I went there this morning at 8am with my son. But the card section had carts blocking it off with a employee standing on the other side. There were boxes but he told us we can't go in there. I did see a couple guys in there grabbing boxes. There was nobody else waiting. He told me I have to wait until the next customers get their chance. I asked where are the other people. He said there is a wait list and they are all waiting in their car until its their turn to buy boxes. I asked him to add me to the wait list and where on the list am I. Well the answer wasn't quite what I was expecting. Figuring he might say 3 or 5 or maybe even 10. Well he said 45! When I thought he was joking he stated that there has been people in their cars since 3am to get first dibs. My son and I walked around Target just to try and make the trip to Target worth it. We went to the Funko section that is never stocked and it was actually filled up. My son has about a dozen and I have 3 in my collection (Bo Jackson Raiders, Khris Davis A's, and Michael Scott from The Office). My son's birthday was on Monday and he found a Birthday Party series of Deadpool. I found 2 for my collection. Cartman from South Park and Andy Bernard from The Office. He also found a book that he's wanted for awhile. When we were leaving we walked past the box area as an idea of what the box area looked like after wasting about 20 minutes in the store. Another customer was there and asked the same questions I did earlier and he was blown away by the wait list (told 30 people) and he left upset. We bought our Funkos and went to the car. I put the keys in the ignition and changed my mind on leaving. I was too intrigued on what it would look like after this new policy and wait list. I waited at the car for over 20 minutes then received the text message. Going back in I figured there might be a couple hanger packs or something. Well, I scored regardless. Appears to me that most customers were after basketball and Pokemon cards. 2021 Donruss Mega Box, 2021 Donruss Blaster Box, and a blaster box of 2021 Topps Heritage. Now one of the brands that I can't stand is any Heritage sets. I don't find them exciting for whatever reason. So why did I buy it? I was at Target for an hour and I was going to make the trip worth it since they have a 3 box policy!

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    That is just crazy. Poachers are ruining the hobby for everyone especially for kids cuz they want to flip the Prizm/Hoops/Donruss/pokemon boxes for a profit. I can understand maybe waiting an hour in line before store opens, but camping out in car all night? Im glad I got out of cards when I did last summer and sold majority of my stuff except my PC. I stick with buying single cards or lots from EBAY now. Cheaper and I dont have to fight a crowd for it.

    im glad you were able to get some stuff you wanted there. Good luck on the boxes. Hope you pull something good.