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Crazy Story 2 : New Target Card Policy

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  • Crazy Story 2 : New Target Card Policy

    I decided to go to Target a little earlier this week at 7:30am as opposed to 8:00am. Last week at 8:00am I was #45 on their list of being able to make a purchase for cards. Hoping I'd be in the first couple dozen I was informed that I am #42. Ran across the street and got McDonalds while I waited for my text message. Well I received my text around 8:35 and went in for my 3 choices for the day. Well..... you are only allowed to get 1 box. So over 1 hour of waiting to be able to get 1 box. They had lots of hockey and pokemon. They only had 1 type of baseball box which was like the Sportkings brand and only 1 type of football box. 2020 Select. There was 2 types of basketball though. I ended up going with the 2020 NFL Select. I don't know if its worth the time now that its only for 1 box.

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    my small town cant find any boxes anywhere at this point would be happy to even get one box