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Why The Celtics Success of The 80's Didn't Carry Over To The 90's

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  • Why The Celtics Success of The 80's Didn't Carry Over To The 90's

    '93 Reggie Lewis Fleer Ultra (checkout those old school Reebok Pumps)It would be easy to say that the reason for the demise of the Boston Celtics during the 90's was due to the retirements of greats like Larry "Legend", Dennis Johnson, Kevin Mchale and the departures of players like Robert Parrish and Danny Ainge, but that would be careless. Sure, any team would be better off with those players, but the greatness of the Celtics franchise is that they have been able to build for success in multiple eras. As one era was ending (the Bird Celtics), the Reggie Lewis and Len Bias Celtics were being constructed by the mastermind of professional hoops himself, Mr. Red Auerbach.

    I'm a fan of many of the late 80's and early 90's teams that enjoyed success during that time like the "Bad Boy" Pistons and Jordan led Chicago Bulls, but I often wonder how many Championships those teams would have actually been able to win with an aging Celtics team infused with youthful talents like Lewis and Bias. The Chicago Bulls 90's might not have been. Instead, Lewis passed away in an off-season practice in 1993 due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and Bias (1986 2nd overall pick) passed away from a drug overdose before he even stepped on the parquet floor.

    I'm certainly not arguing that the the Celtics would have absolutely won five more championships if Bias and Lewis would have fulfilled their potential, but they certainly would have had a great chance at extending the run of the Celtics of the 80's. Actually, it's amazing to think how different the NBA could have been and would be today, if only for a few different decisions.

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    Reggie Lewis could have had a great career. It was sad that he passed away too early.


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      Len Bias was a dominant college basketball player.. his skills were only surpassed by MJ in the ACC back in the day