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Billy Hunter Makes NBPA Look Even More Horrible

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  • Billy Hunter Makes NBPA Look Even More Horrible

    NBA union leadership wants Fisher out as president - Yahoo! Sports

    Derek Fisher fires back at union officials - Yahoo! Sports

    Billy Hunter is an idiot and shoot be fired. He is making the NBA look bad, even more so now. This fool along with David Stern do not deserve to be in their positions making that much money while making the great sport of basketball a complete joke.

    Derek Fisher has rejected a call from the NBA players' association's executive committee to resign as president, instead urging players to seek a review of the union's finances.

    Hours after the NBPA said in a statement Friday that the executive committee voted 8-0 this week that it had lost confidence in Fisher's ability to lead, Fisher reiterated that he told them he will not step down.

    ''I, along with many others, are extremely disappointed with the Executive Committee,'' Fisher said Friday in a statement. ''Their demand for my resignation and their need to protect the NBPA management and their own best interests instead of protecting the players we were elected to serve is unfortunate.''
    National Basketball Players Association president Derek Fisher fired back at the union's leadership pushing for his resignation on Friday night.

    Fisher, who is calling for an independent review of the union’s business and financial practices under executive director Billy Hunter, reiterated that he wouldn’t resign and called for peers in the league to stand and fight with him.

    Hunter has rallied the eight-player executive committee to call for Fisher’s resignation. Hunter and the committee failed Friday in hopes of organizing a conference call among the league’s player representatives to call for Fisher’s ouster.