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    I've been collecting & trading basketball cards for an amazing 20 years!
    The other day I was reading the new Beckett Basketball an article caught my eye!
    90's basketball cards were now being in demand!

    I thought that I would go through my binders.........
    (25 of them sorted by players and year & not to mention 6 boxes of cards in my closet)
    I started pulling out all insert and subset cards.

    I had an idea to compile a listing of all 90's inserts and post them for trade.
    As I started doing this... one hour turned into three, I had piles of cards in front of me!
    I got rid of two Walmart bags of commons to the recycle bin.
    I next began to sort through the cards and match them up and put them into 9 card pouches.

    Working on my fouth hour now! I thought,"why am I doing this!"
    The demand for these cards wasn't gonna get me more than 3 or 4 trade proposals.
    I didn't have an of the Jordan's that "everybody & their cousins" wanted!

    Yes, I know I wasted 4 hours of fiddling with cards but I did find cards I didn't remember I had! I also watched movie Haywire and got caught up on DVR'ed item!

    I was thinking, how do I want to keep these cards..........
    Do I want to keep all insert cards together by insert.
    Do I want to put the back with that particular player.

    Here's my questions to the group....
    How do you keep and access your cards?
    What do you do?
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    Guess it depends on who you ask. Me personally if i sort them into set style I look to see how close to completion the set is. If it is not close enough for me to complete I pull the movable(trade/sell) cards to the side and try to leave as set. Now days lots of people collect teams, so I have a few boxes of baseball sorted into teams. I try to leave them in a sorted manner as it is easier for me to find specific Card #s later. I do not always know what guy played for what teams in certain years. I don't use pages for storage as I don't want to spend that kind of money on supplies. I try to maximize the space in my collection area. Try not to let it consume your time, as time is valuable to most of us these days. Hope this gives you some ideas...sure there will be others who use different methods.
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      I used to keep inserts of the superstar/hof players together in the 9 page, and then the rest of the stuff in boxes ordered by teams. I had also spent hours listing them and organizing them. They move very slowly if at all, in the end I just ended up moving them in one giant lot on ebay.

      Right now I have much less cards, so I'm able to fit everything into a 3" binder (only about half full), and right now since I have so little, I end up grouping all of them by products/brands (e.g. Fleer Ultra, Skybox, Z-Force, etc.)

      That said, I would be interested in any Bulls inserts your might have

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