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Wally Szczerbiak Rips Kevin Garnett

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  • Wally Szczerbiak Rips Kevin Garnett

    Wally Szczerbiak calls former teammate Kevin Garnett

    Who is Wally Szczerbiak to rip on Kevin Garnett? Wally was a joke of a player and the fact that he was once an All Star was all because of Kevin Garnett. I may not like Kevin Garnett, but Wally Szczerbiak has no business criticizing anyone.

    In the midst of a playoff run that has seen Garnett absolutely carry his team despite playing his 50,000th NBA minute (regular and postseason combined) this spring, Wally chose to rip on KG's apparent late-game failings from behind his computer in 140 characters or less. In the worst tweet, caught by ESPN's John Hollinger but since-deleted by Wally, he apparently spies something Garnett's DNA that we've been unable to locate in KG nor any other person who has ever shown off their X's and Y's:

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    Well...he's right lol
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      I agree. Someone asked his opinion and he gave it. Last time I checked, freedom of speech was still a constitutional right. For now anyways. Shaq, Barkley and countless other former players get paid to criticize and praise players......


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        But Garnett is one of the reasons the Heat is almost out of the series, which makes me very happy!
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