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George Karl Wants Shortened NBA Season

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  • George Karl Wants Shortened NBA Season

    George Karl wants a shortened season that the NBA would never, ever go back to | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports

    Uh no. NBA is fine as it is.

    Fifteen NBA head coaches spoke at length with's Steve Aschburner recently, and that's a significant amount to pull in during the slowest point in the offseason. Fifteen coaches, on record, without the benefit of a hectic NBA schedule bringing a new team (and new coach) into a writer's NBA arena of choice every couple of days. That sort of benefit, apparently, is the only one we can see being created by the NBA's hectic schedule. Save for making more and more money, it seems, for everyone involved from the top of the skyboxes to the helpers in the parking garage, and all those cagers in between.

    This is why George Karl's ideas for a better NBA, in the most popular pull from Aschburner's work so far, will never happen. Unless, of course, the NBA decided to lockout its players in a pointless maneuver created to save certain owners from themselves a few months before the next offseason hits and the owners initiate a series of moves bent to circumvent the "help me, we're broke" rules the NBA put into place. George Karl doesn't exactly want a lockout-styled season, he told, but he wouldn't mind a shortened term. From Aschburner's piece:

    "I'm sure Commissioner Stern won't like this, but I think the product would be better if we shortened the season. When we start playing in late October, the people are thinking football. If you could just get us less fatigue [in a shorter season], I think you'd have a better product. When they started on Christmas Day, I thought, 'This is not a bad idea. This should be the start of NBA basketball ... Maybe start Dec. 1 and play 62 games, whatever number they'd come to."