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Have the Browns found a TE?

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  • Have the Browns found a TE?

    Not sure if anyone watched the Browns/Chargers game yesterday, but I did, and was pretty impressed with Brady Quinn- aside from his red zone fumble, he played well, and looked like the QB he is supposed to be able to be.

    However, the real surprise of the game was a practice squad player from Stanford named Evan Moore- who I had never even heard of, and neither had the announcers. The kid caught everything thrown to him- I think my boys found another diamond in the rough last night, hopefully they let him play these last 4 weeks and see what hes got...

    heres to hoping the Browns dont draft Jimmy Clausen, weve already got one ND QB

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    I agree Ed....he looked solid--better than any of the other 'receivers' we have on the roster.

    Quinn is starting to play decent....hopefully the Browns actually put some pieces around him (Gilyard is my dream player) and give him a full year and see what he can do....I'll be really mad if we go QB in the draft this year anywhere in the 1st-3rd rounds.

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