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2012 topps football um, hobby box?

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  • 2012 topps football um, hobby box?

    Discovered at the store I work at we have some sports cards. So looking over there I found these 2012 topps football hobby boxes for $10. I think they're the hobby boxes, comes with an amount of packs inside, 72 cards total, possible rookies, etc. Also at target found them and a cube shaped box. Are these the hobby boxes then and should I grab one at work this weekend to try my luck? I can supply a photo tomorrow if need be.

    (if this is posted in the wrong place or something, I apologize.)
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    I moved this to the football talk forum for you.

    Those dont sound like hobby boxes, but blaster boxes. I see those a lot at Target, Walmart, and other retail stores.


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      I checked the count. The Hobby Boxes have 36 packs and 10 cards per pack. The Home Team Advantage Jumbo Boxes have 10 packs and 50 cards per pack.

      Sounds like the one you mentioned is the Blaster Boxes. Most Blaster Boxes dont have a guaranteed hit in the box, but they are inserted in some.


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        Yeah I just did a quick search, and read one the new articles, they're the hanger boxes. lol. And I don't work at a walmart (yuck) or target *wink*. So is getting one worth trying out?


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          Those are the blaster boxes. Normally, there aren't any hits in them. If you feel lucky, give them a shot. Let us know what you decide.
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            In my opinion blaster boxes are decent if you aren't just looking for hits. Sure sometimes you get hits but don't be dissapointed if you don't get a hit within a blaster box.
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              I pick up both hanger boxes & blasters. They're a little different, but I can get a pretty good start on a set of base cards for a reasonable price. The occasional hit doesn't hurt, either.
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                I think I'm gonna get one of these tomorrow to give it a shot.


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                  I got one, working on a post and photos now.
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