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Baltimore politician asks Ravens to get Brendon Ayanbadejo to back down on pro-gay ma

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  • Baltimore politician asks Ravens to get Brendon Ayanbadejo to back down on pro-gay ma

    Baltimore politician asks Ravens to get Brendon Ayanbadejo to back down on pro-gay marriage stance -
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    His stance on gay marriage doesn't concern me but using his celebrity status to further that cause does. Too often, we're told by celebrities and politicians how we should feel about political or morality issues. We're treated as if, since we're just ordinary people, we're either too stupid or uninformed to be able to render our own opinion. I, like most people, can separate facts from fiction, and decide how I feel about an issue. If a politician or a reporter wants to provide information about an issue, that's fine, but it should be truthful and unbiased.

    The biggest problem with this whole situation, politicizing a morality or personal choice issue. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, religion, sexual orientation, etc. but just because you think it's right, doesn't mean it should be force-fed down our throats till we accept it.

    Bottom line...The Gridiron is to play football on, not voice your own agenda.

    And while this guy may be pro same - sex marriage, I'll bet my house that 99.999% of his peers aren't and voicing his support could be career suicide.


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      I'm straight married and white but as long as someone isn't hurting other people I don't really care what they do. We hear everyone's opinion on everything these days. From Twitter to Facebook to ,well, this post. The latest polls say 53% of Americans support making gay marriage legal, so you may have to give up your house jwgreen. LOL I'd vote for it but one way or another I wouldn't lose any sleep. I think Ayanbadejo said it best in the article he wrote that started all this:

      "First and foremost, church and state are supposed to be completely separated when it comes to the rule of law in the United States. So the religious argument that God meant for only man and woman to be together has no bearing here! America is not Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, or any other religion that is out there. And the pantheon of gods can attest that there are hundreds of them. We are a secular capitalistic democracy. That's it."



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        Simple questions --- (1) if God wanted a gay society/world, why did he create woman ? and (2) how would mankind exist if everyone was gay? I've NEVER heard of two guys or gals giving birth to children. Without man and woman together there is NO POPULATION. Just something to think about.

        Have a good day.

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          That Baltimore politican is so ignorant it's not even funny.
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            It's the 21st freakin century, I thought people would be past this by now. It's fine for people to believe what they want to believe, but keep religion out of government and state stuff. And as skinsfan said, if it's not hurting anyone why bother getting into a frenzy over it.

            Keeping it sports related though (lol), Ayanbadejo is a hardworking player who finally had much success last season. I hope he keeps it up.
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