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Report: NFL fines Texans LB Tim Dobbins $30K for hit on Bears QB Jay Cutler

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  • Report: NFL fines Texans LB Tim Dobbins $30K for hit on Bears QB Jay Cutler

    It's hard to defend Dobbins' claim that Cutler ran into him.

    Bears quarterback Jay Cutler suffered a concussion in Sunday night's game against the Texans, most likely on a play in which Houston linebacker Tim Dobbins was flagged for unnecessary roughness. Specifically, Dobbins planted his helmet just under Cutler's chin.

    After the game, Dobbins explained what happened: “I did not hit him in his head, and actually he ran into me,” he said. “I just felt like he was going to take off and run with the ball and I thought he was past the line.”

    The NFL didn't buy the "he ran into me argument" and fined Dobbins $30,000, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

    Dobbins could argue that Cutler was past the line of scrimmage when he threw the ball (he was flagged for an illegal pass on the play) and was considered a runner at that point. Of course, it's similar to the argument Steelers linebacker James Harrison made last year after he demolished Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. Even though McCoy was still behind the line of scrimmage, he had tucked the ball to run only to attempt a pass at the last second. Harrison decked him and he was promptly suspended for a game.

    Dobbins said Sunday that "I was very surprised [Cutler] went down to the ground, but I hope he is alright, though. He is definitely a tough quarterback.” He added: "I felt like it was clean, though. I did not hit him in his head and I felt like I didn't lead with my helmet.”

    The league clearly disagrees.

    As for Cutler, Schefter reports that the Bears are "not overly optimistic" that he will be able to play against the 49ers this week due to his history of concussions. Backup Jason Campbell would start in his place.

    By Ryan Wilson
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