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LaMarr Woodley wonders if Steelers should sign Donovan McNabb

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  • LaMarr Woodley wonders if Steelers should sign Donovan McNabb

    If you watched the beating Steelers backup quarterback Byron Leftwich took in Sunday night's loss to the Ravens, it wasn't particularly surprising he ended up with a bum shoulder and two broken ribs (though, to be fair, the shoulder injury was self-inflicted after Leftwich stumbled in the end zone after a first-quarter touchdown).

    Now it appears Pittsburgh will be down to quarterback No. 3 this week against the Browns, which means 37-year-old Charlie Batch will get the start. (We think he should've started against Baltimore; he's 5-2 when coming off the bench for the Steelers.)

    With Ben Roethlisberger and Leftwich out indefinitely, the Steelers are kicking the tires on Brian Hoyer and Mike Kafka. Turns out, outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley would also like to add a name to the list:

    LaMarr Woodley
    ✔@LaMarrWoodley So @JasonLaCanfora saying byron might be out. what would yall think if we got @donovanjmcnabb?
    19 Nov 12 ReplyRetweetFavoriteUnless the Steelers have a need for a fullback we're not sure where McNabb fits in. (Of course, if you're down to your fourth quarterback it really doesn't matter who's in there; the season's effectively over. Well-stocked teams can overcome a lot, but not the loss of one of the NFL's best QBs and his backup.)

    Linebacker Larry Foote was asked Wednesday during a radio appearance about Woodley's suggestion. His response: LaMarr should "shut up and play football."

    The Steelers are going to have to do a lot of that if they're going to remain in the playoff mix. They're currently the No. 6 team, but have a little breathing room with the Colts' tough schedule and the Chargers being, well, the Chargers. In fact, it's reasonable to think the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals could all qualify for the postseason for the second year in a row.

    First thing's first, though. Pittsburgh has to beat Cleveland with its third-string quarterback and pray Roethlisberger can get healthy before it's too late.

    By Ryan Wilson
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