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Broncos suspend two execs for offseason DUIs

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  • Broncos suspend two execs for offseason DUIs

    Broncos suspended pro personnel director Tom Heckert one month without pay and player personnel director Matt Russell indefinitely without pay following their offseason DUI arrests.
    They're lucky to still have jobs. Russell's DUI was particularly egregious, as he blew over three times the legal limit on BAC tests and hit a cop car with his Toyota Tundra while driving around at an extreme level of drunkenness. Heckert's DUI was more standard, blowing twice the legal limit but committing no other crimes. Still, it's been an embarrassing offseason for the Broncos' front office. Russell and Heckert are John Elway's top two lieutenants.

    Source: Mike Klis on Twitter
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    I don't understand, why don't they just call a cab? All NFL associated employees and players know they are in the spotlight. They make better money than the guy or gal working 40 hours a week. The NFL doesn't suspend you for having too many drinks, but when you break the law, that's another issue all together!
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