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What is Hernandez worth?

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  • What is Hernandez worth?

    As I sat watching ESPN talk about Aaron Hernandez for the 6,000th time, I recently wondered this myself.
    Are his cards worthless now? Yes, the verdict isn't official yet, but I think we all know he's going to be behind bars forever now.
    I ask this because as I look at my collection now, I question whether a 2010 Topps Platinum Aaron Hernandez is worth what it's printed on.

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    In regards to sales, his stuff has dropped since the arrest. He's running between 5-15 dollars in avg sales. I think once the trial starts everything will spike again but eventually it'll settle back down to where he's at or below. Rae Carruth autos are still averaging around 5 bucks. He's been in prison around 10 years & wasn't nearly as accomplished as a player as Hernandez. If it was me, I'd hold it until the trial starts & sell it. You'll (hopefully) recoup some money & kick the murder rap out of your collection.

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      I would not put too much of a financial emphasis on any type of cards of Aaron Hernandez. I'm going to just keep what little base cards that I have of him and in ten plus years these cards can be a conversational piece at best. If you have higher end items of Hernandez, then follow bcw716's example. Just a quick note, this is just my humble opinion. I've learned from forum members here that I should collect what I like and have fun. That's what makes this hobby so fun. Enjoy your weekend!

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