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  • Card show pointers?

    I'm going to my first ever card show this weekend and was looking for some pointers. It's a small one that is put on regionally & the first time it has been in town when I've been able to go. Any suggestions? Are you normally allowed to take your own cards in to trade? How does the whole thing work normally?

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    You can bring stuff to trade, but it may be hard to do. I rarely see anything traded at shows by me, but I know others here have luck in their areas.
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      I've heard that trades happen, too. But I haven't seen it. Fuser has pretty good luck, I guess.

      Take your need lists with you. A lot of guys have boxes of loose cards cheap. Like 5 or 10 for a dollar. Some even have boxes of lower priced autos & GUs.

      Good luck!
      - Dave

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        I wish I had some advice. I haven't been to a card show in 25 years. I am jealous. I guess I need to move to a bigger city or do some traveling to get to a card show.
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          I'm glad you brought this up. In ten months I too will be going to a card show here in Cleveland. It will be the National. I can use all and any tips for this show as well.
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