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Collation Question? Topps vs Panini

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  • Collation Question? Topps vs Panini

    To my fellow forum members,

    I have a question in regards to collation of a complete set. Brett and I have been wondering as well as pondering this question for about a month.

    When I completed my 2012 Topps Chrome Base set, I noticed that the players vets as well as rookies are numbered in a willy nilly way. There is no set pattern, it's definitely not done alphabetically, it's not done by age of the players, nor anything else we can think of. The only set that makes some sense is 2012 Topps Platinum. The first 1-99 cards are veterans, the rookie cards from 100-150 follow suit. Noting this fact, the cards still don't make any sense.

    In a totally different universe, Panini collates their cards by teams in a orderly fashion. In general, cards from 1-100 or cards from 1-200 are all organized with players that are NFL team specific. In general, rookie cards from 101-150 or 201-300, are collected the same way as the veterans with one exception. These cards represent the rookie draft class.

    One point I'd like to make is if the individual responsible for the organization of Topps cards is Japanese, then that person can pass GO and skip jail. Mrs. Toshi is half Japanese, and half Filipino. She said full blooded Japanese people like me, does everything backwards. That's the best explanaition I can think of.

    Can forum members explain this to me? Or will this be a "Big Foot" sighting of football card sets?
    I am easy, I collect any and all NFL cards. Individual players I really enjoy are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, RGIII, and Russell Wilson. My passion is Favre rookie cards and vintage cards.