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Lions, Tigers, and Foles Oh My!

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  • Lions, Tigers, and Foles Oh My!

    As I walked down the yellow brick road, in anticipation of meeting the "All Powerful OZ", I noticed little towns that were dedicated to the Wicked Witch of the NFC North, South, East, and West. I also came across towns that endeared themselves to the Wicked Witch of the AFC North, South, East, and West. Within one community exists the Eagles, which in fact are Philadelphia Eagles. Their beloved leader, Michael Vick was replaced by a new and younger leader, Nick Foles!

    Back to reality or not, I've only been able to hear and see highlights of Foles. Last night was my introduction to this young man. He and the Eagles have finally found flight and made a veteran based Chicago Bears embarrassed on Sunday Night Football. Are the Eagles flawless? No! But it is a much improved team that will definitely make other teams goals to the playoffs difficult at best.

    Mrs. Toshi and I found that Coach "Chip" Kelly and the position coaches were very animated and extremely fun to watch. It almost seemed comedic, from numbers to different colored coded cards. Some coaches mimicked baseball gestures, something that is uncommon in football. If this will win games for the Eagles, more power to them! In time, we will see if this process will be able to hold its own in the NFL. For now, it seems that Coach "Chip" Kelly is the Great and Powerful OZ!

    I am easy, I collect any and all NFL cards. Individual players I really enjoy are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, RGIII, and Russell Wilson. My passion is Favre rookie cards and vintage cards.