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Brand new Ultra Pro 35pt. magnetic one touch case!

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  • Brand new Ultra Pro 35pt. magnetic one touch case!

    To my fellow forum members,

    Customer service is the most important facet in commerce. Without this, purchases or non purchase of an item can make or break your company. Of course, cost is also a key factor. Great customer service is a rare commodity these days, personally, I would pay more than to pay less for better service. Today, I have found platinum, a company that has fantastic service and at amazing prices. Via eBay, I just purchased a brand new box of Ultra Pro 25 magnetic one touch 35pt. case for $25.95 and Ultra Pro 500 penny sleeves for $5.89. Both these prices includes shipping and handling! WOW!

    If you buy more penny sleeves, the cost per item is less. I just don't need 5000 sleeves at this time. My goal here today is to help forum members in finding the best product with the best service and great savings. This seller has a 100% rating and has been selling on eBay since 2003, here is the seller,


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