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Pro Line Autographs Question: 1991-1997

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  • Pro Line Autographs Question: 1991-1997

    As a child in the 1990s, I grew up in that era of crazy over production. Autographed the time, were sort of the only relief from these boxes of virtually worthless cards. I remember as a kid, really liking Pro Line cards because they had such big auto sets. In recent years, I have read that many of these sets were plagued with autopens and other fact, some of the 1995 Pro Line issues even have "AP" after the numbering on the card (I assume that means autopen).

    Despite all this, I have always wanted to put together some of these sets. Outside of the 1992 Pro Line Profiles set (which I don't care for since there are 9 different autos of some players)...I really like these old cards. I know the 1991 and 1992 Portaits auto sets can be major challenges. It seems like the 1993-97 sets aren't so bad.

    Does anyone know the details of these sets? Are they as full of autopens as the internet has made it seem? Any advice for someone who has a handful from each set but would like to consider working on a set?