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I am so disappointed! Both Topps & NFL

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  • I am so disappointed! Both Topps & NFL

    Yes, I know this is late coming > but I am so disappointed in the NFL (GREED) and Topps lack of GUTS. I just retired & was so looking forward to keep buying/collecting. I will, but no new football cards I guess.
    *You would think the NFL/NFLPA would want as much product out there as possible. I have been loyal to Topps Football/Baseball for 49 years & it makes me sick I won't be able to keep buying Topps Football cards. I will not buy the Panini junk!
    *I am all about tradition, loyalty, & history. I fly Old Glory every day unless stormy. I got my son started in collecting & my grandson. Wish Topps football could help me continue this. I'll keep buying/trading my old Topps Football GREAT cards. Wish I could get EVERYBODY to boycott Panini NFL junk!
    *Anyone know when Topps could get back in the game? How long does Panini have an exclusive for? Would Topps be able to outbid at that point? PLEASE give me HOPE!!
    Thank You for your attention!
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