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  • World Of Jenks: Season 1

    World of Jenks was one of the best shows on television. If you didn't watch the first season, you missed out. It premiered on Sept. 13, 2010 and ended on November 22, 2010 with an hour long episode.

    It's not the average MTV show, like Jersey Shore or Jackass. It's documentary television.
    "Every young person I meet has a unique way of speaking to our generation. Their story is personal but their message is universal: to make a difference and leave their own unique stamp on society. World of Jenks represents the voice of a generation..."
    MTV's biography of Andrew Jenks:
    I am a 24-year-old filmmaker.

    When I was nineteen years old I moved into a nursing home for over a month and documented what life was like when you are near the end. What began as a low-budget summer project turned into a feature documentary that went on to premiere on HBO and play in theaters around the world. As I received emails and letters from viewers who profoundly related to the senior citizens in the film, I couldn't help but think, "I also want to tell the stories of my generation. I want to be a filmmaker that is able to capture what my generation thinks, how they act and what they ultimately stand for." This became the inspiration behind my new MTV show, World Of Jenks.

    1) "Heaven and Hell" - Follows a rapper named Maino.
    2) "Can't Make Me Be" - Follows a 20-year-old with autism named Chad.
    3) "The Street Queen" - Follows a homeless in San Francisco named Danielle.
    4) "Fifty Fists" - Follows a MMA fighter named Anthony Pettis.
    5) "Freedom's Flight" - Follows Brogan who volunteers for an animal rescue program.
    6) "The Takeover" - Follows a poker player named Nick Shulman on his journey in the WSOP Main Event.
    7) "Road Warriors" - Follows the lead singer of VersaEmerge, Sierra.
    8) "Me And My Surfboard" - Follows a surfer named Anastasia as she prepares for the U.S. Open.
    9) "Hail Mary" - Follows a NFL cheerleader named Jessi as she prepares for the next Tennessee Titans tryouts.
    10) "Seaching For VV Brown" - Follows a British sensation singer named VV Brown.
    11) "Fruit Loops For Dinner" - Follows a rising comedian in New York City named Dan.
    12) "Black And Gold" - Follows a high school standout football player in Texas named Herschel.

    Watch Full Episodes Here

    Every single episode gives the viewers an insight look at the lives of a specific character. After watching each episode, i have a new look on the life of these people. It's totally different from what we just view them as on TV. They go through struggles that none of us would ever imagine.

    This show has been an inspiration and is an outstanding series.

    No word yet if another season has been picked up.

    Picture credits = MTV

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    It was a GREAT show I agree!
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