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CCW's Great Holiday Trade Off & Giveaway - PRIZES SELECTED - Send Me Your Addresses!!

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  • CCW's Great Holiday Trade Off & Giveaway - PRIZES SELECTED - Send Me Your Addresses!!

    Here's a link to the original contest

    The Top 12 members names on this list are the winner after this was randomized. Congrats you 12!

    After all 12 of you selected up to your favorite 3 sports I randomized the CCW Prize Vault to determine your prizes.

    After I randomized the sports you chose, the top card is then your selected prize. Congrats everybody!

    RONPAGE69 - Requested Basketball or Football
    07-08 SPx Winning Materials Triple Joe Johnson/Marvin Williams/Josh Smith

    BLUE&GOLDROBBO - Requested Football
    2004 Sage Hit Authentic Jersey Reggie Williams RC #JRE

    BROCK0989 - Requested Baseball, Football, or Wrestling
    2003 Topps All-American Fabric of America Jersey Michael Haynes #FA-MH

    MILLO67 - Requested Football, Basketball, or Baseball
    2009 Obak Spencer Harris,ser#d 43/50, #46

    ORIOLESFAN - Requested Baseball
    2003 Bowmans Best Rookie Autograph Cory Stewart #BB-CS

    CORNWELLFAMILY - Requeseted Baseball, Football, or Basketball
    09-10 Certified Fabric of the Game Jersey Nene Hiliario #FOG-N /250

    GLADDYONTHERISE - Requested Football, Baseball, or Wrestling
    2009 Upper Deck Game Day Gear Jersey Dexter Jackson #NFL-DC

    KEVALAN - Requested Wrestling, Nascar, or Baseball
    2008 Press Pass Authentic Legends Autograph Pete Hamilton #PH /945

    TYLERG30 - Requested Nascar, Football, or Baseball
    2002 Press Pass Authentic Autograph Bill Davis #BD

    FUSER - Requested Any Sport
    2007 Ultra Stars Jersey Lee Evans #US-LE

    BLACKGOOSE - Requested Hockey, Baseball, or Basketball
    06-07 Fleer Throwbacks Jersey Renaldo Balkman #T-BA

    JSAB4807 - Requested Nascar
    2007 Press Pass Authentic Corporate Cuts Event Used Shirt David Stremme #CCD7 /99

    Now that everybodys prizes have been selected, please pm me your addy's so I can get the Prizes out soon.

    Thanks for playing everybody!

    Ken Griffey Jr.

    Raiders and Dolphins from 2012-2020
    A's and Reds from 2012-2020