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Love Pawn Stars, but shut the Old Man up!

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  • Love Pawn Stars, but shut the Old Man up!

    Okay, sitting at home watching Monday reruns of Pawn Stars and once again there is an episode where the "Old Man" is talking about his time in the Navy DURING World War II (at the time he was looking at purchasing a World War II Navy Uniform).

    I am NOT a math major (so I used a calculator) and I am NOT a history major (so I used google to check dates).

    The "Old Man" was born in 1941 (he will be 70 in July).

    World War II was from 1939-1945.

    Okay....I know way-back-when, it was not uncommon for 16 year old boys to join the military. But the Old Man would have been 4 at the END of the war.

    Dammit..will someone at the History Channel tell the Old Man to SHUT UP and stop bragging about being in the Military during World War II?

    Korean War? father was born in 1932 and was in the Air Force during the Korean War.

    At best, at 18 years of age (1959), the Old Man would have entered the Vietnam War which took place from 1955-1975.

    I salute all the current and former members of the United States Military and say piss off to those that are living the lie.

    United States Air Force, Retired

    Freedom Is Not Free

    From the time of discovery and for the
    balance of life, an individual diagnosed
    with cancer IS a Survivor!

    Thank You GOD...I am a Survivor!

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    Lol I agree.
    Going for the 2010 topps football master set and looking for 89&90 tops football graded 8 or better by BGS and PSA.

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      Wow, I didn't mind him talking about his service, but now that I know that he wasn't actually in WWII, it rubs me the wrong way


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        The first 2 seasons was 99% real.

        Now only thing eal with the show is they buy the product. But even the seller gets told what to say lol.

        Used to be my fav show till i started working in a pawn shop,we dont take anything near the stuff they take,or dish out that kind of money. But everytime i attempt to watch it i just get mad and turn it lol.
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