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  • POST YOUR FAVORITE CARD(s) and why....

    Did you pull a Michael Jordan patch, Joe Dimaggio cut, Babe Ruth swatch?

    Did you opne a birthday gift and get the best card you NEVER thought would be in your collection?

    What is your favorite card... is it your most expensive/valubale card ?

    Not everyone's favorite card is a $1000 auto or patch or GU...

    Not everyone's favorite card is a hard to find insert, parallel, or 1/1...

    Whatever your favorite card is... for whatever reason... post a pic of it here and tell us why it's your favorite card(s)

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    I will be happy to start


    1.) 1990-91 Fleer MICHAEL JORDAN card #26

    I pulled this card in a grab bag in 1990. Me and my friend Chris went to a card show in Houston. I bought a grab bag and so did he. He got a basketball pack and I got a football pack. I hated football at the time so we swapped packs. I pulled this MJ (my first MJ) and I kept it. I collected MJ hardcore for years.. had 3000+ different cards, 7 UDA Framed jerseys, photos etc... I have sold it all... but I still have this card. My friend Chris has since passed, and I will keep this card forever.

    2.) 2000 SPX LAVERANUES COLES card #147

    Not the most recognized player in the NFL, but the man is nothing short of amazing. If you dont know his story Google his name and Oprah. Back in 2005 he dropped a bombshell on her show that spoke volumes about this guys' strength and courage. I was a fan from them on out. Great guy, great player, and regardless of his issues in college etc... great role model.

    3.) 1978 Topps JIM RICE card #670

    My brothers all-time favorite player. I have lost this card so many times I can't believe I still have it. And that is why I still have it LOL. I have lost it moving, found it in my car. Lost it sorting through old cards... found it in my dresser drawer lol.. It's the card I just cant lose and I am happy to have it in my collection, and it will always always ALWAYS remind me of my brother.

    4.) 1987 Topps Roger Clemens
    (my scanner is not working right.. but I have this EXACT auto'd card)

    When I was in 8th grade (about 1988) I got picked up at school by my minister and Roger Clemens. (in Katy, Texas) I got to spend the day with them, at lunch, talked baseball etc. Clemens went to my church at the time and my minster set up the day. It was easily one of the coolest experiences of my life (to that point) He gave me this card and autographed it as well as an 8X10 and later had his wife Debbie send me a Boston RedSox program autographed as well. He asked if I had anything for him to sign and I slid him 2 cards... he asked if I had anything else, so I slid him 2-3 more cards... he saw I had about 40 cards...he laughed and signed everyone of them LOL. Very cool experience that I will never forget.

    5.) 2005-06 SPX MARVIN WILLIAMS Winning Materials

    If you dont know the story behind me and this card yet... wow... here, this will explain it all LOL

    so those are my TOP 5 FAVORITE PC CARDS..... whats are yours?


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      unfortunately I do not have a picture of mine, it's in a safe place. When I was 8 y/o I had the opportunity to meet Bobby Bonds at his home in San Carlos, CA. During our visit he gave me a 1990 Leaf Barry Bonds (in a Pirates Uni) and told me maybe one day he would play for the Giants and I could find Barry to sign it. I haven't been able to do that part yet but maybe one day I will have the opportunity to do so.


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        Originally posted by moosehead View Post
        unfortunately I do not have a picture of mine, it's in a safe place. When I was 8 y/o I had the opportunity to meet Bobby Bonds at his home in San Carlos, CA. During our visit he gave me a 1990 Leaf Barry Bonds (in a Pirates Uni) and told me maybe one day he would play for the Giants and I could find Barry to sign it. I haven't been able to do that part yet but maybe one day I will have the opportunity to do so.
        Pretty cool stuff man


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          1997 John Elway Game Jersey - I can't find a picture. I was 14 years old and my grandma gave me 100 dollars for my birthday. So my mom took me to Meijer and took me to the card section. This is when they still have loose packs in a showcase in the middle of the store. I bought roughly 100 dollars in packs of 97 year stuff. Well we get up to the checkout line and I see an freshly opened box of 97 Upper Deck football. I grabbed the bottom left top pack and through it onto my pile. I get to the car, and bust everything open. I hit some decent inserts in the packs, then I get to the Upper Deck pack. I opened it up and BAM! The Holy Grail of Sports Cards at the time. A Upper Deck Game Jersey of John Elway. I ended up selling it for $225 on Beckett. My first online transaction ever. Very sweet card, and my first huge pull ever. Never till this day I'm I able to find another picture of this card.

          Another favorite. 06/07 SPGU Tagmen Set of Josh Smith.

          I landed the two of three and sat on them for months. I could never find the last one. So I ended up selling them for 175 dollars. Well another month goes by and the guy I sold them to relisted them for 225, and then the third one pops up on ebay for 100 BIN or something like that. So I hit the BIN on both and got these bad boys.. I ended up selling them for $425.

          Another Favorite. I used to bust a lot of packs at a local card shop in Jacksonville NC. This guy always had cheaper wax then the big shop, so I went to him. I never pulled anything good, and always thought I had bad luck.

          One day I hit this finally.

          Come to find out, that guy searched all of his packs.. He closed shop too thank god. Good thing he couldn't feel out gold refractor RC's.

          I also pulled this. This has to be the coolest card design ever. Upper Deck did a great job with these cards.

          And finally my favorite card of all time.

          I'll let you read my beckett article.

          I could have listed about 10 more cards too..


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            Great stuff Josh..... thanks for sharing


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              Some of my favorites...

              Okay, so, I know there are some others that I have at home, that I will not list here as I don't have my base/inserts/vintage scanned. So, I may scan some of those at a later time, and put together a list of five of my favorites from those. For now, I am going to throw some out here for now. Here goes...

              2007 Ray Bourque SP Game Used Edition Letter Auto 'Q'
              So, for about a year and a half I tried to put together something unique. Something I had not seen anyone else have in my collecting days. So, I started the 'Boston Auto Alphabet Collection'. I got through about 20 of the letters pretty quick, but there were a few that were kind of hard to come by. So, I was looking for players that were pictured in the Boston uniforms. This included the Razor autos of the minor league baseball prospects as well. After getting it down to 2 left to find, I was searching for a 'Q' and a 'Z'. I knew there were 'Z's of Ortiz and DiceK, but I was really unable to find any Ortiz, and the DiceK's I saw were way over priced. So, I had been searching, and on the Bay, I found this beaut! One of the best defensemen of all time, one of my favorite Bruins, and to top it off, a 'Q' for my Alphabet. I had to have it.

              2008 Tiny Archibald Chronology Auto
              What an unfortunate nickname for a basketball player. But, I used to absolutely love to watch this guy play. One of my favorite all time players. I don't know what it was about him. Maybe it was the nickname, but the guy was great. The card is not one of those spectacular 100 dollar cards either. It is more about the player with this one than anything else.

              2005 Marquise Hill Topps Certified Autograph Issue
              This one is kind of a special card. Marquise was the guy that was playing for the Patriots, and in the offseason he was in a jetski accident and died. So, for some reason I have always loved this card. I got it for a great deal too. I think I only paid about 5 or 6 bucks for it. And whenever the guy told me what he wanted for it, I absolutely could not pass it up.

              2008 Mike Lowell Topps Triple Threads (/9)
              Alrighty, so this is probably the highest valued card that I have posted here. I always liked Mike Lowell with the Sox, and all he has battled through his career. He was a real gamer, and the WS MVP. The guy was a very cool player, and I loved the way he approached the game. I got this card in trade from fyretiger. She found it for me at a show I believe when I told her that I was looking for one. It immediately became one of my favorite cards in my collection. Thanks Lauren!

              Honorable Mention : 2005 Topps Ryan Gomes
              This one has a very special place in my heart. This was the first pack pulled Boston Auto I ever personally pulled. I used to coach boys travel basketball. During our first year of coaching, we went to a local card shop to do a little shopping. The boys bought a bunch of packs, and I went after them and bought some as well. We all went out and grabbed subs after shopping, and we were all opening up our cards together. As I pulled out one of the middle packs I had bought, I pulled this one out. I was more excited about that than they were about any of their pulls. Like a kid in a candy shop.

              Thanks for the looks everyone! Would love to see more and more cards from everyone on this thread! Very cool idea!

              Collecting any Boston Sports (base,insert,GU,Auto) All Teams (Red Sox,Celtics,Patriots,Bruins)
              Also collect UNH Football/Hockey cards
              Also now collecting any cards including all dupes of all the following :
              MLB : Brian Wilson (Giants, Dodgers), Chris Carpenter (Blue Jays, Cardinals), Sam Fuld (Rays), Mike Flanagan (Orioles, Blue Jays), Phil Plantier (Padres, Red Sox), Jeff Locke (Pirates)
              NFL : Kendall Reyes (Chargers), Greg Landry (Lions), David Ball (Bears), Jerry Azumah (Bears), Dwayne Sabb (Patriots), Dan Kreider (Steelers), Ricky Santos (no pro cards)
              NBA : Matt Bonner (Spurs)
              NHL : Steve Leach, James VanRiemsDyk, Jason Krog, Eric Boguniecki, Andy Brickley, Ty Conklin, Kevin Dean, Rod Langway, Bryan Muir, Daniel Winnik
              I unfortunately can no longer afford to trade outside the US. Even rates to Canada are way too high now!


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                great stuff Jeff... thanks for sharing man


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                  so... no one else has a favorite card ?


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                    I opened a Larry Fitzgerald Contenders RC auto
                    TRADE PAGE
                    Looking for 2011 Topps Chrome Atomic Crystal Auto /50


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                      Very nice cards guys. And lots of cool stories to go along with them!
                      "The good kid from the mad city, holding a cereal box instead of a glock"

                      Bucket (Not Updated)|Set Needs


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                        very cool stuff... lets hear some more


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                          Not big dollar items, bere here I go:

                          Pulled this from a blaster of Topps Mayo a couple years back, I was looking for a DeSean Jackson rookie which I got as well lol.

                          Stevie Williams, founder of my all-time favorite skate company DGK. I saw this on eBay and had to have it. Didn't have a paypal account so i begged one of my friends, to bid on it for me, and I sent most of my trade bucket as thanks. Well worth it for me.

                          I had a redemption for a Josh McRoberts auto from 09-10 Upper Deck. Athlete didn't sign yet, so i asked for a Wizards replacement. Fast forward a couple weeks, and instead of getting the Kwame Brown or Deshawn Stevenson I expected, I got this. So now i can't say as much bad things about Upper Deck lol.

                          Coolest card i have IMO, never had a booklet card before.

                          Got this from jsab and gladdy, big thanks guys!

                          acquired this from JesRey, very sweet card with 2 superstars.
                          "The good kid from the mad city, holding a cereal box instead of a glock"

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                            here are a few nice cards i have .

                            1. this was a birthday gift i got from northernbear . i was shocked to see this .

                            here are some more that are in my collection. sorry no stories to go with them .










                            So far this is whats in the Chipper PC
                            Chipper Jones Base & Inserts - 1275

                            Chipper Jones Autos - 4



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                              Great stuff guys