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  • Cory in the house game

    Not a sports game but i thought i reveiw it here. It's Cory in the house on the nintendo DS, bought it saturday and was in my mail today. So here it is.
    NOTE:I have not completed the story mode
    Graphics 5-10
    The Graphics are decent. They got excellent shots of the charecters faces and animated them. The words are a little fuzzy on the screen, but all in all, decent graphics.
    Story mode/storyline 6-10
    A good story mode. It starts off with cory selling bobbleheads, they end up hypnotizing people and cory has to save washington DC. You start off just playing as cory, then cory and newt then cory newt and meena. A good storyline to go with it
    Mini Games 5-10
    I have played all the mini games, and they are fairly decent. There are 5 mini games, one you have to press buttons quicky to get to your destination, another you have to rewire wires, another you have to crack a code by remembering numbers and symbols, one about using a robot fly and unlocking doors by flying threw air vents with cobwebs and special stars to increase your score, and last is the music mini game, you play it after every level ends and you have to tap notes, strum them, and i haven't figured out how to do the singing part yet.
    Other parts 5-10
    In other areas of the game there is stuff sutch as throwing exploding pastries, running away from hypnotized people, and looking for things in hidden places, along with special hints, the other parts are decent
    Overall 5 1/2-10
    A very decent game for those who like adventure, for a higher rating, it would need more min-games, better graphics, and better conversations. I liked the conversations but there just too plain.
    I would reccomend this game to anybody who likes adventure and throwing stuff at people.

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    Thanks for the review. You are always welcome to review any videogame or movie on our site. We have forums set aside for those. It doesnt all have to be sports related stuff.