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    I went to 3 places for Black Friday. I just got back about 30 minutes ago and its been a long day and my feet are killing me. LOL!

    I went to Walmart first at 10 PM PT with my friend. The line outside was crazy long, but not that bad in my opinion. (Maybe because I am sort of used to it and this is my 7th year doing Black Friday shopping this early so it didnt seem that bad to me). I got there 15 minutes early but was in the store by about 10:05 PM. I got most of the stuff I wanted and found a few things that was super cheap that I didnt know about. I got out of there after about 75 minutes. Majority of the time I was talking to my friend and waiting for his family to finish shopping.

    Next was Best Buy at midnight. The line outside was better than Walmart, but they only let 20 people in at a time and waited another minute to let the next batch in. I got let in the store after about 12:10 AM. I got all the stuff I wanted from there. The worst part was that it took 80 minutes to just pay for the items. The line to pay zig zagged 3 times and went behind the store around the washer/dryer section to the front checkout. I spent a total of 2 hours there from the time I lined up outside to the time I paid for my items and walked out the store.

    Last stop was Target. I got there at about 2:20 AM PT. Store was totally deserted and I was able to get everything I wanted from there also. I finished up after and left by 2:25 AM PT.

    I got a bunch of videogames/movies/toys for my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and friends. So I am done Christmas shopping for everyone now.

    I got these below for myself.
    Sons of Anarchy Season 2 DVD - $10
    Sons of Anarchy Season 3 DVD - $10
    Firefly Complete Series DVD - $10
    Family Guy Volume 8 DVD - $9
    NBA 2K12 PS3 - $35

    Only thing I missed out on was Sons of Anarchy Season 1 DVD. Walmart didnt have any, but hopefully my brother-in-law can get it tomorrow for me at the Walmart by his house.

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    very nice...Black friday was hit or miss for me....

    1) Toys R Us at 8:30 pm with my daughter, doors open at 9, in and out with everything we wanted by 9:45

    2) Dropped my daughter off at home and went to HHGregg (new store in chicagoland), got there at 10:15 for a midnight chaos ensued at midnight....the workers there had no clue what they were doing and even though the line was really long, there was no security so people were going into the store from the parking lot without waiting. Total mess inside as well...left with nothing...

    3) Went to Macy'ss to buy a coat for the wife, home at 1:15 am

    4) Woke up with my daughter and went to Menards at 5 am for a 6 am open...line was okay but got crazy long by 6 am...that was the bummer with best buy, target and walmart opening at midnight, there was all these extra people at menards since they already were everywhere else...anyway, wanted a cheap poloraid tablet, got in the store, asked an employee and went in search for the tablet, problem is, she sent me the wrong way and the tablets were 10 ft away from her in the other i lost out on that...bought a ton of other stuff though...home by 7am

    oh and also bought a bunch of stuff from best buy online on thanksgiving day..good thing i did since I missed out on point and shoot cameras everywhere else i went...
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      The lines were ridiculous, it's the first time i've seen anything like it. There was a line of carts going across the road from walmart to Best Buy lol. Needless to say, my family left and enjoyed a good Thansgiving sleep lol. We went again today in the afternoon, and all the deals I wanted were still available. At Best Buy, I got NBA 2K12 (360) for $35, The Office Season 5 for $12, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for $5 (all I need now are the 7 Part 1 & 2), and some assorted music CDs for $3 each (best was Nas-God's Son).

      Got some half-off Skullcandies at Radio Shack, then I hit Gamestop. Got alot of good games (about 8-10 in total), and spent only $80.
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