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MLB 2K12 - Who Wants To Join the Perfect Club?

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  • MLB 2K12 - Who Wants To Join the Perfect Club?

    Tomorrow is the big day for baseball video game fans. MLB 2K12 will be available for purchase. I need to join the perfect club and win that $1,000,000. Check out the new MLB 2K12 commercial featuring the beautiful Kate Upton.

    The latest video from 2K Sports and Zambezi.

    From the MLB 2K12 youtube page:
    This commercial for 2K Sports Major League Baseball 2K12 video game stars AL Cy Young award winner, MVP and 2K Sports cover athlete Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers. He continues his quest to gain entry to the Perfect Club, a private club reserved for everything perfect. The only people allowed are past perfect game pitchers, 2K Sports' alumni of $1,000,000 winners, and others deemed perfect. Despite his many accomplishments, he still hasn't achieved perfection on the mound, and thus has been denied entry to the club. With the "help" of legendary pitcher Randy Johnson, can he weasel his way past Perfect Club hostess, supermodel Kate Upton, and finally enter the club?
    You have your chance to join The Perfect Club as well and be $1,000,000 richer. MLB 2K12 is now available in stores. Details on The Perfect Club and the Perfect Game Challenge can be found at here.

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    These commercials have been hilarious
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