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    I am currently in AAA with the Washington Nationals and although I am older (26) I am still chasing my dream down everyday. I started a blog about 6 months ago to try and give people a first hand experience of not only my journey of making it but what its really like behind the scenes, what we as the players feel emotionally, what we go through physically and how we cope with things on a day to day basis. I have had a lot of ups and down in my career, and my path has been a little windier than others but I am still focused on that ultimate goal.

    I hope you will give me blog a look, I am always open for questions, comments, or criticisms.


    Ryan Tatusko


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    Thanks for the info. We will be happy to follow. We went to watch the Nationals practice last weekend. Cole Leonida, Steve Lombardozzi, and Ian Desmond were the players that my son really enjoyed meeting. They were very nice to him and talked to him. They asked him questions. Keep that in mind as a player - you never know how a 15 second conversation from baseball player could impact a kids life.
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      Ryan, I set up an RSS feed from your blog to post directly to our site so we can follow your MLB journey. Cant wait to read about it.

      Your blog entries will post to our baseball talk forum. Everytime a new post is made, I will add it to your running blog thread below. Thanks and good luck this season.

      A Day in Spring Training


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        This sounds fun. Thanks and good luck!
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