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  • Happy Birthday Spider-Man

    2012 is turning into a pretty big year for Marvel. According to Diamond Comic Distributors. Marvel has 53 of the top 100 comics for May 2012. The Avengers movie is a huge success, The Amazing Spider-Man earned $7.5 million* from its midnight showings in the United States on July 2nd alone, and they have three characters celebrating their 50th birthday this year. In May, I wrote about the Hulk’s 50th birthday. One of the other birthday boys is your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

    Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created the tale of Peter Parker and his transformation into Spider-Man back in 1962. Since then, Spidey has been the star of more than 10 comic book series and numerous movies and television series. As popular as he is, it should come as no surprise that Spider-Man has spawned more than 15 trading card sets. If I were to include series that he’s been featured in, such as Marvel Masterpieces, the total would be much higher.
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    After X-Men, Spiderman was always my favorite Marvel comic.