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Who Is Going To See The Dark Knight Rises Next Week?

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  • Who Is Going To See The Dark Knight Rises Next Week?

    The movie comes out this Thursday at midnight. Who is going to see it? Like Avengers, I will be one of those idiots who watches it at midnight, then sleep for 4 hours before work starts for me in the morning. LOL!

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    One more day. I already bought my ticket. LOL!


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      i am gonna wait till the 1st 10 days or so passes then hit a matinee here at the imax.

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        Saw The Dark Knight Rises last night. Well sort of. Figures something like this happens. Movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes. At about 2 AM, with about 1 hour left in the movie, the movie theatre I was at lost the audio. They couldnt fix it and gave everyone (all 1200 people in the theatre) a refund. So I ended up watching 2/3 of the movie. I woke up early this morning to see an 8:30 showing at another theatre before I went into work today.

        The movie is good, but I like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight better. The movie starts out slow, but is at its best in the last hour. Bane's voice is horrible when watching the movie. It is easier to understand than the very first trailer, but it is overly annoying and easily the worst part of the movie. The ending was surprising in a way, but considering this is the last movie for Nolan/Bale, they had to go this route. I dont want to spoil the movie for everyone, so if you want to read THE SPOILERS BELOW click on the button.


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          The Dark Knight Rises: Biggest 2D Movie Opening Ever - IGN

          As expected, The Dark Knight Rises debuted as the No. 1 film in North America this weekend. (The studios refrained from reporting official weekend box office figures until Monday due to the Aurora theater shooting.)

          According to Exhibitor Relations, the final film in director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy grossed $160.9 million for the weekend, more than The Dark Knight's $158.4 million debut in 2008 and makes TDKR the largest ever 2D opening of all time. With $88 million made overseas, the film's worldwide total is currently $248.9 million. IMAX announced that the film made $23.8 million from 396 IMAX locations worldwide.

          Film industry pundits and fans alike speculated whether The Dark Knight Rises could break the opening weekend record for this summer's other superhero blockbuster, Marvel's The Avengers, which debuted with $207 million. The Dark Knight Rises, unlike Avengers, was not in 3D, which has higher ticket prices.


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            'Dark Knight Rises' Rallies to Revive Box Office With $64M - Yahoo! Movies

            Just like a superhero, Batman and "Dark Knight Rises" rallied for a knockout Saturday and turned what looked like a bleak box-office weekend into a $64 million victory.

            The movie added another $122.1 million from 17,000 locations in 57 overseas markets, upping its international gross to $248.2 million. The worldwide gross after two weeks is $537 million for "Dark Knight Rises."

            After a lower-than-expected $18 million Batman haul and lackluster overall numbers on Friday, the first domestic box-office weekend following the Colorado shootings appeared undercut by the tragedy's fallout and the start of the Olympics. "Dark Knight Rises" was on pace to miss industry projections and the weekend was tracking as much as 30 percent behind the same time frame last year.

            But the final entry in director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy turned the tide with a muscular $25 million Saturday, and things picked up for some of the other movies, too, as Saturday was up 28 percent from Friday.


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              Weekend Report: 'Dark Knight' Beats Up 'Recall' Redux - Box Office Mojo

              For the third-straight weekend, The Dark Knight Rises easily claimed the top spot at the domestic box office. Meanwhile, both new openers struggled: the Total Recall remake is the latest big-budget, heavily-marketed sci-fi movie to notch an underwhelming debut, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days fell way short of its predecessors. The Top 12 earned an estimated $113.7 million, which is off 28 percent from the same frame last year (when Rise of the Planet of the Apes dominated).

              The conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy dipped 41 percent to an estimated $36.4 million in its third weekend in theaters. In comparison, The Dark Knight fell a slightly steeper 43 percent to $42.7 million in its third outing. On Sunday, The Dark Knight Rises passed the $350 million mark, making it the third-fastest movie to reach that level behind The Avengers (10 days) and The Dark Knight (14 days). The movie has now earned $354.6 million, which is $39 million less than its predecessor had made through the same point.


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                'Bourne,' 'Campaign' bump Batman from No. 1 spot - Yahoo! Movies

                LOS ANGELES (AP) — "The Dark Knight Rises" has finally fallen out of first-place at the weekend box office.

                Jeremy Renner's action tale "The Bourne Legacy" took over as the No. 1 movie with a $40.3 million debut, according to studio estimates Sunday.

                The new movies pushed "The Dark Knight Rises" down to third-place with $19.5 million, raising the superhero blockbuster's three-week domestic total to $390.1 million.

                "The Dark Knight Rises" had been the No. 1 movie for three-straight weekends since debuting amid tragedy as a gunman killed 12 people and wounded 58 at a midnight screening of the film on opening day in Colorado.


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                  The Dark Knight Rises Makes $1 Billion - IGN

                  The Dark Knight Rises reached a series of box office landmarks over the weekend, outgrossing its predecessor The Dark Knight while at the same time becoming only the 13th film in history to pass the $1bn mark.

                  The Dark Knight grossed $1.003bn worldwide, and as of Sunday, The Dark Knight Rises has made 1.005bn.

                  According to The Hollywood Reporter, however, TDK did bigger business domestically than internationally, whereas TDKR made more money internationally. The Reporter suggests that may be down to the Aurora theatre shootings.

                  Whatever the case, The Dark Knight Rises now has Alice in Wonderland in its sites in the all-time box office list, while it will have to surpass The Phantom Menace to make the top 10.