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  • What Do I Look Like?

    There was a young couple living in an old run down house. One day the man gets home from work and his wife says, "Honey, look at the walls. They haven't been painted as long as we have lived here. It's peeling and cracking; couldn't you please just paint them?"

    "Who do I look like? Michelangelo?" the man replies.

    "I guess not", says the wife.

    The next day the man gets back from work again. Again his wife starts to complain. "Oh sugar, couldn't you just please at least repair the stairs? They're falling apart and they're really unsafe to walk up."

    The man says, "Who do I look like? Frank Lloyd Wright?"

    "Well, maybe not," says the wife.

    The next week the man returns from his job. He walks into his house and is suddenly amazed. The stairs are fixed, the walls were painted and the house looked superb. "Honey.....How did you do this? It looks great!" he says. "Well I met up with a handyman down the street. He offered to repair our house if I either bake him a batch of brownies or sleep with him" says the wife.

    "Well, honey, you baked the batch of brownies, right?"

    The wife replies, "Who do I look like, Sara Lee?"

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    Lol thats funny


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