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Does anyone ever have card-related dreams?

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  • Does anyone ever have card-related dreams?

    Seems like I have them every once in awhile but I think I've had two this week.

    One involved hanging out with a bunch of guys opening boxes of cards we bought, and I got some kind of ridiculous hot box with tons of patches, low #'d, autos, etc... I believe it was supposed to be some kind of Donruss product, maybe Leaf Rookies & Stars... anyway there were oversized cards with extremely oversized patches, it was awesome.

    The other one involved going to the mailbox and having tons of stuff in there, like TTM returns and eBay purchases and cards that had gotten hung up in the mail system somewhere.. kind of weird, and that was just a side note in the dream so I never opened the packages...

    Anybody else?

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    I have them few and far between, but they usually always end up with me pulling something big....whenever I have one, I usually go buy some cards the next day. Almost every time I do, I pull something really nice the day after those dreams. Kinda weird.

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      i have. some have been abot in-person graphing but some have been going to my local retail store and grabbing a pack of topps chrome and pulling a sick auto.
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        I have had one or two. Don't remember specifics expect for one of them, I walked into my closet and found some cases of cards, and I was like "Cool, I completely forgot that I ordered like 10 cases of Topps Chrome Football a few months ago. I'll open these next week maybe" then I just walked out and proceeded to do something else for the rest of my dream.

        I woke up that morning, went into my closet, no cases where there. I think it is funny that during your dreams nothing really seems odd, but when you wake up and think about it, your like, what the hell? Even if I could afford like 10 cases of Topps Chrome, or any product for that matter, you'd better believe I wouldn't put it in my closet for a few months and forget about it lol.
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