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What's on your christmas list?

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  • What's on your christmas list?

    Thursday is Thanksgiving. After that we will be full onto the Christmas season. A year goes by so fast! I'm curious as to what you're hoping your Santa Claus drops into your stocking this year.

    I have personally started chasing all copies of one card. 199 of them exist. I, being crazy as I am, have decided to chase as many copies as I can get.

    The card is of a now retired NBA journeyman Mike Wilks. If you see any copies of this card snag them and I will glady trade for them. I'm sure many are still in un opened product. Some are probably sitting in card shop 3/$10 GU bins. I may never find them but I will try.

    What's on your Christmas List?

    And don't forget to register for Free Card Friday!!!

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