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Any Las Vegas Guru's out there?

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    Originally posted by azdbacks1998 View Post
    Thx for the info.......

    I like the Pinball HOF guessing there are playable machines in there, not just one's for show?? ....the wife might have to drop me off at this one while she shops elsewhere.

    I like the swap meet idea too...that one is on my agenda for sure!....and the "other" pawn shop I didnt know about, Im not much into a pawn shop that carries merchandise of themselves!!!

    Trip is still a month and a half away so keep the tips comin!!!!
    Yes, all, if not most, of the machines are playable in the pinball hof. They even have really old and rare ones! Heck, my wife played the pinball machines with me for 2 hours! Our forearms and thumbs were sore for a few days afterward, haha

    the junk store next to the pawn stars shop isn't a pawn shop. They just have a lot of vintage collectible stuff. Little expensive, but if nothing else, fun to look at.