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Avengers Infinity War - Domestic Box Office Now At $678 Million

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  • Avengers Infinity War - Domestic Box Office Now At $678 Million

    I got my ticket for first showing 7pm on Thursday.

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    Movie was awesome. Only 1 scene after movie ends.


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      Avengers: Infinity War Opens with Record Shattering $250M Domestically & $630M Worldwide

      Audiences assembled worldwide as Disney and Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War broke both the domestic opening weekend box office record and worldwide opening record with a massive $250 million domestically and $630 million worldwide.

      Infinity War's opening weekend bests the previous record of $247.9 million set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens back in December 2015 by just over $2 million, but it's also worth mentioning Disney under-estimated Black Panther's $202 million opening by nearly $10 million on Sunday. The studio also under-estimated The Avengers's performance by $7 million and under-estimated Avengers: Age of Ultron by $3.6 million. As such, don't be surprised to see Infinity War's debut blossom come actuals on Monday afternoon. At this moment, the film accounts for 84.4% of the domestic top twelve, second only to Ultron's 84.5% market share.

      Internationally, Infinity War delivered a monstrous $380 million from approximately 72% of the international marketplace. The debut is the second largest to Fate of the Furious though its important to note that film had the benefit of China grosses over its opening weekend, which represented $185 million (41.7%) of its $443 million international debut. Altogether, Infinity War's global debut reached $630 million, shattering the previous record of $541.9 million set by Fate of the Furious and doing so without China, where the film will open on May 11.

      Highlights from Infinity War's international debut include #1 openings in all territories led by the UK with $42.2m followed by South Korea ($39.2m*), Mexico ($25.1m*), Australia ($23.0m), Brazil ($18.8m*), India ($18.6m), France ($17.7m), Germany ($14.7m), Philippines ($12.5m*), Italy ($11.0m), Thailand ($10.0m*), Indonesia ($9.6m*), Taiwan ($9.5m), Japan ($9.0m), Malaysia ($8.4m*) and Spain ($8.3m). The film also delivered the #1 international IMAX debut ever, excluding China, with a total of $41 million globally from $22.5 million domestically and $18.5 internationally. Prior to the film's opening in China, Infinity War will open in Russia next weekend.

      Looking ahead, Infinity War received an "A" CinemaScore from opening day audiences. Audiences were 58% male with 58% of the overall audience coming in over the age of 25. In terms of what to expect domestically, using multipliers from previous films in the MCU, a domestic performance over $600 million seems a given, but how much higher than that is unclear. A performance similar to Avengers: Age of Ultron would actually result in a domestic run right at $600 million, while comparisons to only Captain America: Civil War and Iron Man 3 would result in a domestic total below that mark.

      All told, Infinity War's estimated $630 million worldwide opening means the 19 films so far released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have now amassed nearly $15.5 billion combined.


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        Avengers: Infinity War Crosses $1 Billion Worldwide in Record Time

        Disney and Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War continues its record pace, topping $450 million domestically in just nine days and the $1 billion mark worldwide in a record 11 days.

        With an estimated $112.4 million, Disney and Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War is once again the king of the weekend box office, topping its nearest competitor by nearly $100 million, and delivering the second largest second weekend ever. The film's domestic gross now stands at $450.8 million after just ten days in release, pacing behind only Star Wars: The Force Awakens which reached that mark in just nine days.

        Internationally, Infinity War remained the #1 western release in every territory in which it has been released, posting an estimated $162.6 million from 54 overseas markets this weekend for a global weekend totaling $275.1 million, bringing the film's worldwide cume to a massive $1.16 billion.

        The lone new major market for Infinity War this weekend was the Thursday release in Russia where it set a new opening weekend record topping the previous best posted by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, delivering an estimated $17.6 million, already exceeding the lifetime cume of Captain America: Civil War in the market. South Korea continues to lead the way internationally where the film has brought in $69.1 million followed by the UK ($67.2m), Mexico ($48.7m), Brazil ($44.3m) and India ($35.7m). The film releases in China next weekend on May 11 where, using current exchange rates, Civil War debuted with $98 million, Avengers: Age of Ultron debuted with $84 million and Black Panther debuted with $66 million.

        Overall, Infinity War's 11 day run to $1 billion worldwide is the fastest of any film in history and the sixth Marvel title to reach that mark and 17th for Walt Disney Studios.


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          Infinity War Tops $1 Billion Internationally, Becoming 5th Largest Global Release of All-Time

          Disney and Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. The superhero feature topped the domestic box office for the third weekend in a row, delivered the second largest opening in China ever, became the eighth largest domestic release of all-time, fifth largest global release and became the first superhero film to ever top $1 billion internationally.

          At the top, Avengers: Infinity War delivered an estimated $61.8 million this weekend, pushing the film's domestic gross to $547.8 million. Rival estimates have the film performing $2-4 million higher for the weekend, which should make Monday's actuals something to look out for and see if the superhero flick managed to cross $550 million domestically after just 17 days in release. At this time Infinity War ranks as the eighth largest domestic release ever and it will be interesting to see how the film holds up next weekend once Deadpool 2 debuts.

          Internationally, however, is where Infinity War made the most noise this weekend as it debuted in China and delivered an estimated $200 million, the second largest debut in the market ever based on local currency. By comparison, The Fate of the Furious brought in RMB 1.352 billion versus what Disney is reporting as RMB 1.266 billion for Infinity War, which edges out Monster Hunt 2 at RMB 1.204 billion. The three-day performance also exceeded the lifetime runs of The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War and Iron Man 3 in the market and it has already become the ninth largest western release all-time in China.

          As it stands, Infinity War is now the highest grossing superhero release internationally of all-time with its $1.059 billion topping the $946.4 million for Avengers: Age of Ultron. The film also now ranks as the fifth largest global release of all-time with $1.6 billion, just behind Jurassic World at $1.67 billion.


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            Deadpool 2 Launches with Over $300 Million Worldwide

            In second position, while Deadpool takes the weekend crown from Avengers: Infinity War, the Disney and Marvel behemoth brought in $28.7 million over its fourth weekend in release, pushing the film's domestic cume over $595 million after 24 days in release. The film currently ranks as the eighth largest domestic release of all-time.

            Infinity War also added another $84.4 million internationally this weekend for an overseas cume that now totals $1.218 billion and a global cume that now stands at $1.81 billion. The film now ranks as the fourth largest global release of all-time and the third largest international release of all-time behind only Avatar and Titanic. Looking at individual markets it has delivered industry records in Brazil ($60.8m), Central America ($13.7m), Bolivia ($3.5m), Chile ($12.9m), Ecuador ($7.3m), Peru ($11.1m), Venezuela ($2.6m), the Philippines ($22.8m), Indonesia ($25.1m), Malaysia ($16.9m), Singapore ($11.5m) and Vietnam ($8.2m). It also ranks as the fourth largest western release of all-time in China with an estimated $302.5 million after just ten days in release, as well as the largest western release of all-time in India ($42.8m) and Thailand ($17.7m).


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              Solo isn't Flying So High, Delivering Soft Memorial Day Weekend Debut

              Disney and Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War finished in third, bringing in an estimated $17 million for the three-day. The film is looking at a $21 million four-day performance which will push its domestic cume over $627 million and move it up two spots on the all-time domestic chart, landing in sixth just ahead of 2012's The Avengers ($623.3m).

              Internationally, Infinity War added $32.5 million for an international total that now stands at $1.283 billion and a global cume topping $1.9 billion, maintaining its position as the fourth largest global release of all-time.


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                Solo Slumps in Second Weekend

                Disney and Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War brought in an estimated $10.37 million, landing in fourth position as it kicks off its sixth weekend in release with a domestic cume that now stands at $642.8 million. Internationally, the film added another $24.3 million this weekend, pushing its overseas cume to $1.33 billion for a global tally that is now just ~$35 million shy of becoming only the fourth film to have ever topped $2 billion worldwide.


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                  Ocean's 8 Steals #1; Hereditary Delivers Record Numbers & Jurassic World 2 Roars Overseas

                  Rounding out the top five is Disney and Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War with an estimated $6.8 million, pushing the film's cume over $650 million domestically, ending the weekend at $654.7 million. The global blockbuster is now just shy of $2 million worldwide after adding another $10.9 million internationally, finishing the weekend with $1.998 billion globally. The film will soon be only the fourth film to ever top $2 billion worldwide.