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  • eBay buyer to avoid: willardmka33

    Here is a breakdown of this horrible deal: I only had seven cards listed from a long time ago. When I sell I usually sell 100 or so items at once, these were just the last 7 that were left over from my last big listing spree. My mother-in-law across the Pacific Ocean got sick in Thailand, so my family and I rushed over there to see her because my son had never met his grandma and we were afraid she may pass away before he ever got to meet her so we dropped everything and left.

    I had forgotten all about the few cards that were listed on eBay before we left, and there was no reliable internet connection in my mom-in-law's village in Thailand. When we got to an internet cafe, I checked my email and noticed I had a couple sales while I was gone. I was unable to log into my eBay account from the cafe, however...when I got home, the first buyer I explained my situation to understood and didn't hold anything against me for being late shipping the card.

    willardmka33, however, WAS mad that the card was late. I explained the whole situation and asked them if they wanted a refund or the card (with a few extra freebies for being late), and the buyer chose to get a refund. I sent the refund and also sent an email stating that if the buyer would agree NOT to leave a NEGATIVE feedback, I would send them the card free of charge out of my own pocket PLUS another $5 freebie card to make up for my mistake. Buyer agreed and held off on the negative feedback. I sent the $5 card plus the other $5 card, and paid the shipping out of my own pocket....then I noticed a few days later after I told the seller I had shipped them their free cards that I had a new negative feedback from this seller on this purchase...SO willardmka33 got a refund, the $5 card I could not send from Thailand while I was away, another $5 card to sweeten the pot and encourage them NOT to leave negative feedback, and I had to pay to ship the two cards to them as well. I got reamed...HARD.

    Now I have a negative and I have a stockpile of things I wanted to list on eBay soon because I am currently injured and unable to work and provide for my family at the time being. I got hurt really bad at work and have had two operations, with possibly 3-4 more to go. Now my reputation on eBay took a hit over a $5 card I sold while I was visiting my gravely ill mom-in-law half way across the world. My reputation is damaged because I completely forgot about the last 7 cards I had listed for sale and when I got to Thailand I saw in my email from an internet cafe that I had $5 go into my paypal account but I couldn't get signed into eBay from this place, so I had no way of getting them the card in a timely fashion or emailing them to inform them what was up until I got home and by then the case was open and I just straight asked the buyer if they wanted a refund or the card plus another $5 similar card and they chose refund. Only after that did we strike a deal as to I would send two free $5 cards IF THEY DIDN'T leave me a NEGATIVE....they got my two free cards THEN LEFT THE NEGATIVE.

    This buyer, willardmka33, broke our agreement and left me a negative even after I explained my situation and sent them two $5 cards free of charge out of my own pocket...Avoid this buyer if you want to avoid an ice cold, heartless excuse for a human being...

    Thank You.

    The nerve of some people, outright LYING, makes me not want to touch eBay EVER AGAIN. I buy rare expensive cards off eBay when I do make purchases, and when I sell I usually have at least 50% of my listings at around $50 and up. I don't peddle cheap cards very often, and now my reputation is screwed up because of a five dollar card that this buyer got for free, and another free card I sent them.
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    Some people on EBAY are just scumbags. Have you tried complaining or notifying EBAY about what happened. You have his messages stating that. They may take back the negative.

    Try not to have this one person ruin everything you may like about EBAY. Not everyone is like that on there.