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  • What's your profession?

    Just out of curiosity to anyone who wants to reply. What is your profession?

    I am a middle school teacher. I teach 8th graders Gifted High School Math
    10 years - 5th grade
    9 years - 8th grade

    I also am the head football coach and head wrestling coach. Gave up coaching baseball due to burnout - both physically (shoulder) and mentally!
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    Favorite baseball players include: Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Kirby Puckett, Pete Rose, Tyler Colvin Mark Appel
    Favorite football players include: Peyton Manning, John Elway, Daunte Culpepper, Mike Alstott, Blake Bortles, and Dri Archer
    Collecting: 2012 Topps Mini 1987 topps... non-certified autos (in person or through the mail), autographed cards with bible verses

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    Go to my profile and check under "about me". There you'll find out about my past profession, and a few other things about me. Besides what is on 'about me", here are a few other items ---

    I used to coach a JV softball team - did that for ten years. I ended up with a final recored of 68-44-1.

    I also helped coach my oldest grandson's little league teams when he played coach pitch & player pitch levels. I stopped assistant coaching when he quit playing.

    I subbed in elementary & middle schools during my first three years of retirement.

    I now try to get to as many grand kids sporting events as possible. However, with five grand kids I can't always make it to all of them. My oldest grandson, the one who quit baseball, just finished his 2nd year of league bowling. During those two I've tried to watch him bowl every Saturday during those two league years. He is the one grand kid we're raising (his mother, our youngest daughter, died in 2003 at the age of 20.). We also try to see the other grand kids in volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, and swimming (some of these are no longer being played by them).

    The main items Im looking to trade for are
    Baseball HOFers Autos I need
    Orioles Autos I need
    Baseball HOFers GU I need
    Orioles GU I need
    Vintage Orioles I need 1950s through 1970
    However other offers will be considered


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      Business banking loan processor/auditor.


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        I work in home medical equipment, hospital beds, home oxygen and such. I have been in the medical field my whole life. Spent 10 years as a volunteer fireman, made it to captain and finally gave it up cause there was not going to be paid position available for 10-15 years from when i started.
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          Registered Nurse - 17 years in ER
          Disaster Planner - 3 years
          -Le -
          I collect Former Va Tech Players in all sports.

          Football - Antone Exum, Kyle Fuller, Corey Fuller, Logan Thomas, Bruce Smith, Michael Vick, David Wilson, Antonio Freeman, Victor Harris, Brandon Flowers, Eddie Royal etc

          Baseball - Mike Williams, Franklin Stubbs, Jesse Hahn, Joe Saunders, Brad Clontz, Kevin Barker, Wyatt Toregas - Major or Minor Leaguers!


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            I have done IT the past 7 years for a local hospital (Essentia Health). I learned my trade in the Navy where I served 8 years as a Radioman / Information Systems Technician. They changed the job a couple years after I joined up.
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              When I'm not moonlighting as a Professional Chippendale Dancer, I work for the USPS (25 Years). Before that I was in the Navy for six years and worked for Pioneer Hi-Bred (a seed company) for a couple of years. Also, I'm just kidding about the first part, I'm not a professional!!! LOL


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                Professional Chippendale...Navy...yeah...I can see that.

                Too funny!
                Wants changing daily, inquire within!