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Jay Leno Speaks About Conan O'Brien

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  • Jay Leno Speaks About Conan O'Brien

    Jay Leno spoke his mind about Conan O'Brien. He said that Conan wasnt treated fairly by NBC. But then he said he also wasnt treated fairly and got screwed himself. Considering Leno got his show back, I dont know how he thinks he is also a victim in all of this.

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    no kidding, nice try. Leno was supposed to step aside, he didn't want to, threatened to go to another network, NBC freaked out, convinced him to take the earlier time slot, and then both shows sucked.

    In the end NBC made the bad call, but Leno fell on his feet, O'Brien got thrown out on his butt. it's okay, all that money padded his fall.
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