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  • Anyone Going To Watch Antman

    I saw the movie last night and it was surprisingly really good. Out of the 12 Marvel Studios films, I would rank this in the middle. Its on par with Iron Man 1.

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    I'm probably one of the only people on Earth to have NOT seen any of the 12 movies. I have an 11 year old son and a 14 year old son. Which of the 12 do you think is best? Is there a certain one to start with?
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      The first Avengers is the best of the 12 Marvel Studio films. Even though you wont watch them all in chronological order, it is just origin stories and buildup to Avengers. If you are only going to watch one, see that one.


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        In chronological release order, here they are.

        Phase 1
        Iron Man
        The Incredible Hulk
        Iron Man 2
        Captain America: The First Avenger
        Avengers - Best Movie of the 12

        Phase 2
        Iron Man 3
        Thor: The Dark World
        Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Second Best Movie of the 12
        Guardians of the Galaxy
        Avengers: Age of Ultron

        Phase 3
        Captain America: Civil War - Comes Out Next May 2016, Will Be Awesome


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          Weekend Report: 'Ant-Man' Raids Box Office - Box Office Mojo

          Ant-Man opened to $58M at the domestic box office, slightly under its projected $60-$65M opening, becoming the 12th film in Marvel's Cinematic Universe to open at #1. On 3,856 screens the film's per screen take was $15,051.

          It's a good thing that the Paul Rudd superhero film has an "A" CinemaScore as that's the lowest per-screen average of any of the 12 films. Coming in just slightly above Ant-Man is 2008's The Incredible Hulk ($15,810 per) Thor ($16,618) and Captain America: The First Avenger ($17,512). Disney/Marvel's marketing team must be given some kudos though. Even given the strong Marvel brand, the challenges of marketing a character unknown to the public at large, whose power is getting really tiny and controlling ants, was obvious. They wryly dealt with it head-on in their first trailer, where Paul Rudd's character asks if "it's too late to change the name," a scene that, though this can sometimes happen from trailer to screen, ironically doesn't appear in the finished film.


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            Weekend Report: 'Ant-Man' Burgles 'Pixels'' #1 - Box Office Mojo

            Disney/Marvel is claiming that Ant-Man, with $24.765M, will retain the #1 spot at the box office, narrowly beating out the Sony newcomer Pixels, which even that studio is claiming made only $24M for the weekend.

            Any way you look at it Ant-Man, on 3,868 screens, benefited from it. The Paul Rudd starrer actually did take the 2nd week -57% dip that Thor: The Dark World did to reach that $24M. But, not only can it claim #1, the film also passed the $100M mark, taking 10 days to do so.