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Deadpool - Now #2 Highest Domestic Rated R Movie Of All Time At $363 Million

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  • Deadpool - Now #2 Highest Domestic Rated R Movie Of All Time At $363 Million

    Im watching the first showing after work tomorrow at 7pm. If anyone watches it, post what you think about the movie.

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    Saw the movie. Its really funny and has some good action sequences. Obviously more of an origin story, so the sequel will be a lot better.


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      'Deadpool' Smashes Box Office Records On Way to $260 Million Worldwide Opening - Box Office Mojo

      Blowing away even the most lofty of expectations, Deadpool decimated the Valentine's and President's Day weekend box office in record-breaking fashion with an estimated $135 million three-day weekend. As for its incoming competition, How to be Single performed mostly as expected while fifteen years proved too long to wait to release Zoolander 2.

      Rewriting the box office record books, Deadpool broke Fifty Shades of Grey's previous February opening weekend record by nearly $45 million based on estimates and that's just the start. The largest opening for an R-rated film was previously $91.7 million, set by The Matrix Reloaded in 2003. That's been destroyed. The largest opening weekend for an R-rated comic book adaptation was previously set by 300 with $70.8 million. Bye, bye.

      This is even the largest opening weekend ever for 20th Century Fox, beating a record of $108.4 million previously held by Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Though, to be fair, Revenge of the Sith did open on a Thursday where it brought in $50 million so it's not a complete apples-to-apples comparison, but it does bring us to Deadpool's expected four-day run.

      Right now Fox is estimating a $150 million four-day weekend while rival studios go as high as $156 million. In just its first two days Deadpool nearly broke the previous President's Day weekend record of $93 million set by Fifty Shades of Grey, so it already holds the overall record, now it's only a matter of how much will it end up making once Monday's official totals are revealed.

      This is also the largest opening for star Ryan Reynolds, a distinction previously held by X-Men Origins: Wolverine at $85 million. More exciting, however, may be the fact this is the largest opening weekend for a first-time director. Deadpool was directed by Tim Miller whose previous credits include a pair of short films along with serving as a visual effects guru for video games including "Mass Effect 2" and "Star Wars: The Old Republic". The previous record holder was Chris Miller, director of Shrek the Third, which opened with $121.6 million back in 2007. As far as live action films are concerned, Robert Stromberg held the previous record with the $69.4 million opening for Maleficent.

      Next weekend will be interesting as films that open this large tend to also drop more than 50% in their second weekend. The "A" CinemaScore definitely bodes well for the film's future as films that open with more than $120 million and have an "A" CinemaScore have all gone on to gross more than $300 million. Of the ten films since 2008 that opened with more than $120 million and held an "A" CinemaScore only two managed to drop less than 50%, those being 2015's blockbusters, Jurassic World (49% second weekend drop) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (39.8%). Deadpool, however, is in a league of its own as it is the only one in that group with an R-rating, a classification Hollywood is surely looking at closely. It will be interesting to see if we start seeing more films of this sort as we know a Deadpool sequel is already in the works.

      The weekend is also coming up roses for Deadpool overseas as the film brought in a whopping $125 million from 61 international markets. This is the third highest grossing international opening for Fox ever. Among the accolades, the film scored the largest industry opening in Russia with $12.4 million as well as the largest Fox opening in 13 other markets including Australia ($10m); Taiwan ($8.25m); Brazil ($5.9m); Hong Kong ($3.8m); and Malaysia ($2.9m). Overall we're looking at a $260.1 million worldwide debut for the "Merc with a Mouth".


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        'Deadpool' Blows Away Competition with $150 Million, Four-Day Opening - Box Office Mojo

        President's Day weekend estimates are in and Deadpool is topping the charts with a massive $150 million to go along with an updated international three-day weekend of $132.1 million. Fox has revised its three-day estimate for the R-rated superhero feature to $132.7 million, which gives the film a whopping $264.8 million worldwide debut as of Sunday.

        The estimated $150 million four-day President's Day weekend is a record-smashing achievement, besting the previous record of $93 million set only last year by Fifty Shades of Grey by an astonishing $57 million. Playing in 3,558 theaters, that's a $42,159 per theater average for the four-day weekend to go along with a top ten opening weekend theater average of $37,310 for the three-day.

        We've gone over the records Deadpool has broken ad nauseam (get the breakdown here) but for those of you that might have missed out, here are a few highlights plus a couple of additions:

        #1 opening weekend ($132.75M) ever in Fox history (get the chart)
        #1 opening weekend ever for an R-rated film (get the chart)
        #1 February opening weekend (get the chart)
        #1 Winter opening weekend (get the chart)
        #2 opening weekend ever for an original Marvel property title
        #5 opening weekend ever for a Marvel property title (get the chart)
        The global IMAX take was $27.4 million for the long holiday weekend, a new February record for the format and best-ever for an R-rated title. Domestically the IMAX take was a record-breaking $18.4 million from 374 IMAX screens, records for both February and R-rated titles.

        The film played to an audience that was 62% male vs. 38% female, with 47% of the audience being under the age of 25 and an "A" CinemaScore suggests opening day audiences liked what they saw. As noted yesterday, films that open with more than $120 million and have an "A" CinemaScore have all gone on to gross more than $310 million.


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          'Deadpool' Tops $490M Worldwide; 'Risen', 'Witch' & 'Mermaid' Open Strong - Box Office Mojo

          Deadpool took #1 at the weekend box office once again in its second weekend of release, crossing $235 million domestically.

          In first, Deadpool brought in an estimated $55 million in its second weekend, a 58.5% drop from last weekend, which is well within expectation as films that open over $100 million tend to drop, on average, 54.3%. Deadpool, as it turns out, had a similar drop to the previous R-rated opening weekend champion, The Matrix Reloaded, which dropped 59.8% in its second weekend back in 2003. The film's drop, however, is much better than last year's Valentine's and President's Day weekend champ, Fifty Shades of Grey, which dropped a massive 73.9%.

          Internationally, Deadpool took in an estimated $85 million, bringing its overseas cume to $256.5 million. Combined with its estimated $235.4 million domestic total, the film currently sits at $491.9 million in just under two weeks of release. Domestically, Deadpool has now grossed more than any of the X-Men movies (not adjusted for inflation) and is only second to X-Men: Days of Future Past ($747.9m) worldwide.


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            The 'Gods of Egypt' are No Match for 'Deadpool', Which Climbs to $285+ Million Domestically - Box Office Mojo

            It was another stellar weekend for Deadpool as the R-rated superhero feature dropped only 44.2% and is now the third highest grossing R-rated movie of all-time. Meanwhile, Gods of Egypt conjured a second place finish while Triple 9 and Eddie the Eagle battling for fifth place with single-digit openings.

            With an estimated $31.5 million first place finish, Deadpool's domestic cume now stands at an estimated $285.6 million. Stacked against previous R-rated releases, only American Sniper and The Passion of the Christ have taken in more at the domestic box office and it will be interesting to see how close to Sniper's $350.1 million Deadpool can get. Overseas the Merc with the Mouth added another $40+ million as the film's worldwide cume is now over $600 million.

            When it comes to comic book adaptations, Deadpool will be leap-frogging Man of Steel ($291m) shortly for twelfth position on BoxOfficeMojo's comic book adaptation chart and will then be passing both Iron Man ($318.4m) and Iron Man 2 ($312.4m) with Guardians of the Galaxy ($333.1m) next on the list. No matter how much more it takes in, everything is gravy at this point for the $58 million budgeted release. Deadpool's impact will surely be felt in the years to come as studios begin to reconsider just how widespread their audience is when it comes to the superhero/comic book genre.


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              'Zootopia' Scores Disney Animation's Largest Opening Ever - Box Office Mojo

              In other news, Deadpool became only the third R-rated movie to ever cross the $300 million mark as it brought in an estimated $16.4 million this weekend bringing its overall cume to $311.1 million. After passing Man of Steel during the week to become the fourth highest grossing superhero origin feature of all-time, it is now only $7.3 million behind Iron Man for third place on the same chart.


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                '10 Cloverfield Lane' Tops Newcomers While 'Zootopia' Crosses $400 Million Worldwide - Box Office Mojo

                Elsewhere in the top ten, Deadpool brought in another $10.8 million as its cume has now grown to an impressive $328 million domestically. It has now grossed more domestically than 2008's Iron Man ($318.4m) and is just $5.1 million away from passing Guardians of the Galaxy ($333.1m). Internationally the film added another $11.3 million this weekend as its global cume has now climbed over $708 million.


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                  'Allegiant' Opens Short of $30M, 'Zootopia' Tops $200M and 'Bronze' Bombs - Box Office Mojo

                  Deadpool rounded out the top five with an estimated $8 million as its cume has now climbed to over $340 million. As a result, Deadpool is now the eighth highest grossing superhero movie domestically (not adjusted for inflation), passing both Guardians of the Galaxy ($333.1m) and Spider-Man 3 ($336.5m) this weekend.