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Who's Hot, Who's Not: May 2012 Edition

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  • Who's Hot, Who's Not: May 2012 Edition

    Hot: Jonathan Quick
    With the Kings advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals (even though half of Los Angeles doesn't even know it) demand for Kings' goaltender Jonathan Quick is hotter than ever.

    Out of seventeen listings on eBay for Quick's rookie cards so far in the month of May, twelve of them sold. And the average selling price for those twelve cards was about $130.12. Not too shabby.

    If you are holding Quick right now, I would suggest selling. His value right now is higher than it has ever been before.

    Another riskier option would be to hold out and see how the Kings perform in the finals. If Quick is on top of his game and the Kings emerge as Stanley Cup champs, then Quick's value will go up even more, but you also run the risk of the Kings losing, which would more than likely cause prices to drop a bit heading into the offseason.

    If you're in it for the long haul, Quick is still pretty young, and it looks like he'll only get better. However, I tend to stay away from long term investments when it comes to sports cards because it's just so unpredictable.

    Not: Roberto Luongo

    After the Canucks' season ended prematurely, many fans started saying that Luongo and Corey Schneider could not coexist on the same roster. So with the possibility of Luongo being shopped, demand for his cards has seen a large dip.

    From March 25 to May 9 out of nearly 300 eBay listings of various Luongo cards, 100% of them sold. I didn't calculate the average selling price, but the fact that 300 listings sold consecutively really shows how high demand was during that time period.

    However, so far this week, out of 91 listings, only about 22% have sold. The average selling price was about $9.53, which isn't bad, but considering where Luongo was around the end of the season, it kind of is.

    If you're holding Luongo my advice is simple - keep holding. Luongo, when he's at the top of his game, is one of the best goalies in the league. Let's not forget that he was a Vezina candidate only a short year ago. If you hang on to his cards for a little while, until he gets back in the groove (whether it be with the Canucks or not), then you should be alright.

    Actually, if the Canucks do choose to trade Luongo it could actually be a plus if you're looking to sell. Trades tend to create buzz, and that means more people will be buying, which means the price goes up. So, if Luongo gets traded this offseason, then I would suggest putting your cards up for sale right after you hear about the trade on ESPN.

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