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Market Watch: 2005-06 Fleer Ultra Alexander Ovechkin - 5/24/12

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  • Market Watch: 2005-06 Fleer Ultra Alexander Ovechkin - 5/24/12

    (Card No. 252)Five years ago, this was a very hot card, and one of Ovechkin's most popular rookie cards. This card had a book value of $80, and it consistently sold for that price on eBay.

    Flash forward to May, 2012. Now, after the Caps have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Ovechkin's stock has fallen what seems like miles from where it once was.

    There has only been one listing for Ovechkin's Fleer Ultra rookie card so far this month, and it sold for a mere $15.08 before shipping, with only six bidders. No, the seller did not do a very good job writing the description, but still, this card is very recognizable, and the $15.08 price tag shows just how much demand for Ovechkin, particularly this card, has decreased.

    This disheartens me, as this happens to be one of my investments. I bought it four years ago for $50, thinking I got a bargain, only to see the value drop steadily every year. However, I am confident that Ovechkin will end up in the Hall of Fame, so hopefully twenty years from now my investment will have been a success.

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