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The 25 Most Infuriating Players in the NHL

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  • The 25 Most Infuriating Players in the NHL

    As a hockey fan, the balance of emotions between what you love and hate can often times be maddening. We cheer for our favorite team with optimism and enthusiasm hoping for victory. Meanwhile the darker side of our persona roots against certain teams and certain players.

    It's not that we wish ill will upon them (in most cases), but we see what they get away with and pray for some type of justice. Some players and teams are despised because of their success. Certain players are reviled for their particular style of play. It's not a coincidence that the last collective bargaining agreement had specific language addressing the "repeat offender" with regard to reckless play.

    The following list includes 25 players who absolutely infuriate us. They might even be players on your own team. Some of these guys will make you say "you would want him on your team", and others you absolutely wouldn't.

    The best case scenario for any antagonist is to score a game-winning or game-tying goal, particularly on the road. The villain's hat can truly be worn when the opponents most hated player sticks a dagger into your collective heart.

    These guys certainly fit the bill when it comes to frustration. I would say enjoy now, but it's legitimately hard to enjoy some of these guys.
    The 25 Most Infuriating Players in the NHL | Bleacher Report
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