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2013 series 1 Canvas Autograph

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  • 2013 series 1 Canvas Autograph

    In the first box of Series 1 I bought about a month ago I pulled a 2012 Series 2 Canvas Autograph Jordan Eberle on card auto numbered out of 14 and sent it in to Beckett for a grade. I've been checking the population report daily and they have it graded and on its way back to me. It got a 9.5 overall with a 10 auto, I'm super excited! So far its the best card I've pulled from a pack. Now I want to find the Theo Fleury auto from the same set.

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    Something like that would be sweet to pull. I've pulled a few nice cards now (13-14 Canvas Checklist, couple of Rookies) since I started collecting last week but without knowing values I'm not getting anything graded just yet. Trying to be careful on purchases too, did a couple of box breaks and got some ok cards, nothing totally wow though and then got a couple of Leafs Jerseys cards and this Kulemin - 2008 09 Upper Deck Trilogy Nikolai Kulemin Rookie Card 250 499 | eBay - Kinda wondering if that's worth grading, already paid $5.70 including shipping so unless its worth $20+ which I doubt then grading is probably pointless as this stage. Probably get a copy of Becketts next pay day and see if I'm getting anything worthwhile.