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WWE Releases Matt Hardy

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  • WWE Releases Matt Hardy

    WWE has announced that they released Matt Hardy today. Expect Matt to show up in TNA in 90 days when his no compete clause expires. I bet his first feud is with his brother Jeff and TNA will hype him up as their savior.

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    I want to mention how sad I am and how much i'll miss Matt.......

    Oh who am I kidding, i'm glad he's gone..the most ungreatful person and unproffessional person i've ever seen..he bashes the WWE and says he's doing it to get out of his contract? He's made millions of dollars because of the WWE, he's doing something so many wish to do and he couldnt be more ungreatful..They were essentially ready to pay him to do nothing for a year, i mean come on..

    He's a tool and i'm glad he's gone, he brings nothing to the table and the only reason he had a job was because he was Jeff's brother
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      WWE made him a star. His tag team matches with the Dudleys and Edge/Christian were some of the best tag team matches. They simply decided to push Jeff Hardy as champion instead since he appealed more to the fans. He had his chance and was with the company for over 10 years.