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    I just wanted to listen up to the part about the WWE youth movement..

    A quote from Chris Jericho:

    Nashs interview was so short sighted and indicative of the entire "WCW" attitude. The WWEs Youth movement is a mistake? Ask Rock, Goldberg and John Cena if it took them six or seven years before they drew money. Six or seven months maybe...
    People want to see something new
    After listening to Nash I completely agree with i think he's dellusional thinking guys in TNA will draw soon because of some 10 year process he spoke about, and because he thinks you never draw money until year 10 in your career. Intresting interview if you have time
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    The only TNA homegrown stars that I can see drawing in any ratings are A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe. Im not sure if WWE would push them the correct way if they jumped ship, look at Rob Van Dam's stint there.