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TNA Impact Results - 1/6/11

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  • TNA Impact Results - 1/6/11

    TNA Impact Results
    January 6th, 2011

    We cut to the arena Immortal and Fortune are making their way down to the ring. Bischoff wishes everyone a Happy New Year and then says that like the name implies, "Genesis" will the beginning of everything not the end of anything. He says not only for Immortal but for every athlete associated for TNA. He says that even though he put a bounty on every TNA Title that Immortal doesn't hold, there will be no chicanery and they will get those belts "the right way." He says tonight will be a "Night of Champions" and then he introduces the X-Division (Jay Lethal), Tag Team (Motor City Machine Guns), and Television (Douglas Williams) Champions and they come out to the ring as Bischoff promises nothing will happen to them.

    Bischoff says that the men in the ring are not only Champions in the eyes of the fans but also in Immortal's eyes. He admits that they earned those Championships and he says they respect them. He says they're expecting 5 star matches from all them and he says in the spirit of fairness he will give them each the opportunity to sharpen their skills tonight. Bischoff says that Jay Lethal will be going one-on-one with Abyss! Abyss smiles at Lethal as he looks at him. Bischoff says he'll get to the Guns in a moment but he can't think of a better challenge for Douglas Williams than "The Freak" Rob Terry. Bischoff goes back to the Guns and he says he's been waiting to announce this all night. It will be the Machine Guns vs. AJ Styles & Kazarian! Bischoff asks the champions to shake their opponents hands in the "interest of fairness." Immortal & Fortune then jump the champs! Bischoff sarcastically says this is not what they discussed and they will be fined. RVD's music then hits!

    RVD runs out and Gunner & Murphy meet him on the ramp but he takes them out! RVD slides into the ring as Machine Guns, Williams, & Lethal start to come back on Immortal! Immortal bails out of the ring and RVD grabs a microphone. He says he's ready to stop playing games just as soon as Bischoff is ready to put Hardy in the ring with him. RVD demands that Bischoff tell him who his opponent at Genesis is but Bischoff says he'll tell him when he's good and ready. RVD says he WILL find out tonight even if that means he has to beat it out of him. Bischoff goes nuts and says that Abyss will beat up RVD if he asks him to.

    In the back Brother Ray talks trash about Devon and says that week after week Devon tries to get after him. He says for 15 years he used Devon and made him his lackey. Ray says he's going out to the parking lot and if Devon has the guts and is man enough they can settle this thing.

    Jarrett's music hits and he makes his way out to the ring entourage in toe. Jarrett says since last week he's had to make a few tweaks to his MMA Challenge but it's only to protect TNA legally. Jarrett says the first change is if someone is going to accept the challenge they can NOT be taller than him and he claims the reason is because he doesn't want anyone getting seriously hurt. Jarrett then says the MMA Challenge is now just an "exhibition" not a competition and it's again because he doesn't want anyone getting seriously hurt. Jarrett grabs the stack of waivers and says all anyone has to do is sign the waivers. Jarrett asks if there is any takers in the house and Jarrett points out the kid Boo Boo Stewart from Twilight movie but he says he can't beat up a 14 year old kid. Jarrett then walks over to Boo Boo and asks if he seriously wants to enter it and he says he does. Jarrett asks the fans if they want to see it and then Jarrett gets Borash to make sure Boo Boo is shorter than him. Jarrett says that Boo Boo is in the Junior Black Belt Hall of Fame and Stewart says he is. Jarrett then tells Stewart's dad to stand up and he is a tall man so Jarrett says that makes Boo Boo disqualified because one day he would be bigger than him. Jarrett then points out a TNA fan in the top section and tells him to come on down. Jarrett tells the kid to sign the waiver and the kid does so. Jarrett then asks the kid what his name is and he says his name is Jonathan Cruz from San Juan, Puerto Rico and Jarrett nails him with a series of knees.

    Jarrett tosses the kid to the mat and then punches him in the back of the head repeatedly and then picks him back up and nails him with another knee to the head. Jarrett then locks the kid in an Ankle Lock and the kid taps out but Jarrett refuses to let go. Finally Kurt Angle comes from out of the crowd and slides into the ring! Jarrett bails out quick with his entourage! Angle checks on the kid and then picks up a microphone as Jarrett screams at him. Kurt says he and Jeff are about the same height and since this is just an exhibition they don't have to worry about anyone getting in hurt all he has to do is sign the waiver. He picks up the stack of waivers and signs it and Angle says it's on for Genesis. Jarrett reminds Angle that he said he would never wrestle again in TNA and Angle says he's right but this is just an exhibition! Angle smiles at Jarrett and then he says he'll see Jarrett at Genesis! Angle leaves through the crowd as Jarrett looks none too happy.

    Non-Title Tag Team Match
    "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles & Kazarian vs. Motor City Machine Guns

    The Guns hit the ring and the two teams start brawling right off the bat. The Guns toss AJ & Kaz out of the ring and then hit Double Suicide Dives through the ropes onto AJ & Kaz on the outside! Shelley tosses AJ into the ring post and then rolls him back into the ring. The Guns whip AJ into the ropes and then Shelley hits him with an Atomic Drop followed by a sliding dropkick to the knees from Sabin. Shelley then holds AJ's face up into the air as Sabin hits another Sliding Dropkick into AJ's face. Sabin covers AJ and gets an early nearfall. Sabin then picks AJ up but AJ pokes him in the eyes and then he hangs Sabin up in the ropes. AJ tries to hit Shelley on the apron but Shelley blocks it and then nails AJ with a forearm as Kaz hits a Slingshot Leg Drop over the top onto Sabin in the ring. AJ covers Kaz and gets a nearfall of his own. AJ hits Sabin in the back of the head with an elbow and then he shoves Sabin into the corner and lights him with a chop. AJ tags Kaz in and Sabin tries to fight out of the corner with punches and elbows. Sabin then kicks AJ and tries to get to the face corner but AJ grabs him and pulls him back. AJ then lifts Sabin up into the air and holds him as Kaz hits another Slingshot Leg Drop onto Sabin and AJ drops him down with a Sidewalk Slam at the same time. Kaz covers Sabin for a nearfall before Shelley breaks it up. Kaz nails Shelley in the corner and then puts the boots to Sabin. Kaz chokes Sabin on the bottom rope and AJ punches Kaz in the head from the outside. Kaz chokes Sabin and then covers him for another nearfall. Sabin tries to fight back but Kaz pokes him in the eyes and then hits a Corner Splash on Sabin. Kaz whips Sabin into the opposite corner and then charges but Sabin gets his boot up. Sabin follows up with a nasty Running Lariat! Both men are down now. Kaz tags AJ and Sabin tags Shelley! Shelley nails AJ with a series of strikes in the center of the ring and then he tries to punch Kaz on the outside but Kaz ducks. Kaz then holds Shelley in place for AJ but Shelley kicks AJ and then nails Kaz in the head with a back elbow. AJ charges at Shelley again and again Shelley sidesteps him and then hits AJ with a Leaping Enziguri to the back! Shelley then hits a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Kaz on the floor! Kaz starts to climb back in as AJ charges at him. Shelley meets him with a shoulder block through the ropes and then he slingshots himself over AJ and flips into the ring. Shelley goes for a German Suplex but AJ blocks it, stomps on Shelley's foot, and then reverses into a Waistlock of his own. AJ goes for Chaos Theory for a 2nd week in a row but as he rolled backwards Shelley blocked it and then nailed AJ in the head with a back elbow. Shelley goes for Sliced Bread but AJ blocks it and then goes for the Phenomenon out of the corner! Shelley blocks it and counters into a Brainbuster! 1...2...NO Kaz breaks it up! Kaz charges at Shelley but Shelley backdrops him over the top rope to the floor! AJ grabs one of the Tag Titles and swings it at Shelley but he ducks and AJ walks into an Enziguri from Sabin! Shelley then grabs AJ and hit's Sliced Bread! 1...2...3!

    Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

    Eric Bischoff walks out onto the ramp and doesn't look very happy. As Kaz threatens The Guns with a steel chair Beer Money shows up out of nowhere behind The Guns and attacks them! Beer Money beats The Guns down in the ring as Bischoff looks disgustingly at AJ. In the ring Beer Money continue to beat down The Guns and then they hold up the Tag Titles and the Fortune symbol.

    In the back Pope talks about the camera that's been following him around the past few weeks and he says tonight he will find out who it's been following him around. Pope demands an apology to whomever the person may be.

    In his office Bischoff says that he is really trying to control his anger right now but AJ's job tonight was simple. He says he was supposed to go out there and soften them up. AJ says The Guns are the Tag Team Champions there's nothing simple about "softening them up." Flair says that Bischoff just wants AJ to be the best that he can be and he says AJ is the best and the face of TNA. Flair tells AJ to calm down and says they have a lot on their shoulders right now. AJ says Bischoff wants him to win every match and he says Flair is the greatest wrestler ever but asks if he won every match. Flair says he didn't but Bischoff cuts Flair off and says it's not about Flair it's about AJ getting the job done. He says AJ has 3 days to get the job done at Genesis "or else." AJ says "or else what?" and Bischoff doesn't even want to know what else. He puts his head down and Flair signals AJ to stop it right now and AJ walks out.

    Pope is in the ring and says unless you've been living under a rock or not paying attention someone has been following him around with a camera while Pope has been handling his business. Pope says he doesn't know what this person is trying to accomplish but he can assure everyone that the Congregation is standing behind him and they trust him with their life. Pope says whoever the person may be he's calling him out right now. Pope tells the person to come out and face him in person right now. Samoa Joe's music hits!

    Samoa Joe comes out to the ring as Pope looks like he can't believe it's Joe. Joe says if there's one thing he's learned over the past few months it's that the war isn't won in the ring, it's won by the person that holds the perception of being something their not. The person that lies. Joe says that Pope tells the people that he's a "street saint" but from what he's seen Pope is really a scumbag. Joe says Pope is helping the community in his spare hours but what they saw was Pope in a strip club and then Pope asks for charity from the boys to give to the needy but Joe checked the shelters and they haven't been given anything. Joe says Pope says he's buying puppies for the kids but they go around to the orphanages and there's no puppies. Joe asks if Pope really is the street saint or is he a scumbag. Pope says how dare Joe pass judgment on him. Pope says he's been judged all his life so he doesn't need some Samoan passing judgment on him now. Pope says when he went to the strip clubs he told those young girls that they don't need to be doing that to put themselves through college. Pope says when Pope goes to the orphanage they're sitting with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree so he has to give them hope. Pope says he was saving those pitbull puppies and he says pitbulls are the best company a kid can have because he has one too. Pope says he's not new to the game, he's true to the game but this isn't about the game. Pope says the next time Joe thinks about coming out and accusing Pope of something untrue he better "check yourself before you wreck yourself." Pope says the next time he and Joe will have a problem. Pope drops the mic and walks out as Joe stares him down.

    Devon talks about Ray calling him out. Devon says he'll meet Bubba in the parking lot tonight and he'll kick his butt.

    Madison Rayne & Sarita w/Tara vs. Mickie James & Velvet Sky

    Sky attacks Sarita at the bell and shoves her to the mat. Velvet then hits a sliding dropkick followed by a Facebreaker over her knee. Velvet follows up with chops and then she attempts to whip Sarita into the ropes but Sarita reverses it. Vevlet comes off the ropes and goes for a Spinning Headscissors but Sarita blocks it and Velvet counters into a rollup! 1...2...NO Sarita kicks out! Velvet covers Sarita again and again gets a nearfall. Velvet follows up with a clothesline and then she slams Sarita's head to the mat repeatedly and then goes for a DDT but Sarita blocks it and backs Velvet into the heel corner where Madison grabs Velvet by the hair. Sarita shoves Velvet into the ropes and then Madison hits a jawbreaker on Velvet over the ropes. Sarita covers and gets a nearfall and then she tags in Madison. Madison slams Velvet into the corner and nails her with repeated shoulder blocks in the corner. Madison then chokes her with her boot and then Madison distracts the referee while Sarita chokes Velvet in the ropes. Madison covers her and gets another nearfall. Madison taunts Mickie and then Sarita tags in. Sarita talks trash to Velvet and then nails her in the gut. Sarita slaps her repeatedly while taunting her and then tags Madison back in. Madison beats on Velvet and then she does the Facebuster Pushup Slam on Velvet and then spits at Mickie. Mickie tries to get ahold of her but Madison tags in Sarita. Sarita hits Velvet with an Elbow Drop and then she sets up for a Tiger Bomb but Velvet blocks it and reverses it into a DDT! 1...2...NO Madison breaks it up! Mickie storms into the ring and hits Madison with a Thesz Press and then she beats on Madison slamming her to the mat. Mickie then hits her with a Neckbreaker! The referee tries to get Mickie out of the ring and while that's happening Tara gets up on the apron and hits Velvet in the face with that big elbow brace. Madison then hits Velvet with a big right hand and Sarita covers her for the pin!

    Winners: Sarita & Madison Rayne

    In Bischoff's office RVD tells Bischoff that Hardy has his belt and Bischoff needs to sign the match for Genesis. Bischoff tells RVD to stop worrying about that because he has a match tonight and RVD asks who against but Bischoff says he's still working on that. RVD says this is just more head games and he doesn't know how he avoided it his whole career but now he's being manipulated. RVD says he's going to kick his butt too.

    Non-Title Match
    Douglas Williams vs. "The Freak" Rob Terry

    Douglas uses his speed advantage over the big guy by avoiding all of Terry's lockup attempts and he frustrates Terry quickly. Finally Williams nails Terry with a series of headbutts and European Uppercuts and then he follows up with repeated Knee Strikes. Williams then hits the ropes but eats a big shoulder block from Terry. Williams rolls out of the ring and out of nowhere AJ shows up and attacks Williams!

    Winner: Douglas Williams

    AJ slams Williams hand into the ring steps and then he rolls Williams back into the ring where he tells Terry to hold him. Terry stands on Williams arm while AJ stomps on the hand and then AJ climbs up top and dives off the top with a Foot Stomp on the hand!

    In the parking lot security holds Devon back as he tries to get to Brother Ray. Devon asks Ray what this is about. Ray taunts Devon the whole time telling him to fight him. The whole time he stands behind security and then he calls him a punk because he won't throw a punch. Ray calls Devon his side kick. Devon calls Ray a coward and then walks off. Ray says the problem is that Devon USED to be tough but now he's nothing. Devon charges after Ray but again security holds him back. As they're holding Devon, Ray kicks Devon down low. Security tries to keep Ray back now and Ray kicks one of the security guards and then talks more trash to Devon. Ray tells Devon to go home to his family and not to show up at Genesis.

    In Bischoff's office Jarrett says he has a gameplan for Sunday and he has an insurance policy on this plan. Bischoff says he has a problem that Jarrett can solve. He says that they need to get rid of RVD and he wants Jarrett to face RVD tonight. Jarrett says Angle is still lurking around somewhere and Bischoff says he thought of that. Bischoff says the match will be No DQ and he doesn't have to worry about Kurt because Kurt got what he wanted, his match with Jeff for Genesis so he won't show up. Jarrett agrees to it.

    Non-Title Match
    "The Monster" Abyss vs. Jay Lethal

    Lethal locks Abyss in a Waistlock at the bell but Abyss just tosses Lethal to the side like he weighs nothing. Lethal tries to take Abyss down and again Abyss tosses him to the side again. Abyss swings at Lethal but Lethal avoids it and nails Abyss with a big right hand. Lethal nails Abyss with a chop and Abyss gets pissed off. Abyss grabs Lethal by the head and tosses him back. Abyss goes for a Splash in the corner but Lethal got out of the way and then slams Abyss's head into the turnbuckles. Lethal then ducks a clothesline and goes for a Springboard Cross Body but Abyss catches him in midair and goes for a Powerslam, but Lethal blocks it and then he hits a big leg kick followed by a dropkick but Abyss doesn't go down. Abyss grabs Lethal by the throat but Lethal slaps his hand away. Abyss then grabs Lethal by the throat again and again Lethal slaps his arm away. Lethal connects with a series of rights and lefts and chops and then he hits the ropes. Lethal hits the Handspring Back Elbow off the ropes followed by a Missile Dropkick off the top! 1...2...NO Abyss kicks out! Lethal climbs up top again but Abyss gets up and tosses Lethal off the top! Abyss dares Lethal to get back up and as he does he charges at Lethal but Lethal moves out of the way and then he hits the ropes but gets caught with a Black Hole Slam from Abyss! 1...2...NO Abyss pulls Lethal up before the 3. Abyss tosses Lethal into the corner and beats him on with rights and lefts and then he chokes Lethal in the corner and won't let go as the referee tells him to. Finally he calls for the bell.

    Winner: Jay Lethal

    Kazarian comes out to the ring after the match as Abyss continues to beat on Lethal. Kaz grabs a microphone and mockingly begs Abyss to stop because he's 'hurting' Lethal. Kaz tells Abyss to leave some for him on Sunday because if he doesn't have a pulse then Kaz can't beat him at Genesis. Kaz says this match was designing to be a highly competitive warm-up match for Genesis and he thinks they delivered just that. Kaz asks Lethal to stand up but he's obviously out of it. Abyss lifts Lethal up and Kaz says it'll be a pleasure getting into the ring with Lethal at Genesis and he wants to shake his hand. Abyss grabs Lethal's arm and shakes Kaz's hand with it. Abyss then drops Lethal and Kaz laughs.

    We then go to a sitdown interview with Mike Tenay and Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson. Tenay asks Anderson if he fully understands what Morgan did for him by turning his back on Fortune to have Anderson's back. Anderson asks how many times he has to thank Morgan for that and asks if he should hire a marching band for the guy. Morgan says Bischoff is loving every single second of this thing with Anderson & Morgan and Morgan says if he was in the same predicament as Anderson his family would come first rather than have the match. Tenay asks about Anderson's family and Anderson says it's none of his damn business about his family. He says he respects Tenay but they're not talking about his family. Tenay asks Anderson what he would do if he was in Morgan's shoes and Anderson gets fired up. He says he would shut his damn mouth and WRESTLE because that's what they do! He says every once in awhile they get hurt, it happens. Anderson says he took two months off and his doctor has cleared himself so he can get in the ring and get a shot at the belt so he can take care of his FAMILY more effectively. Anderson says it's none of Morgan's business who's seen Anderson's clearance. Tenay says he's interviewed many guys in wrestling but Anderson is the only guy he's never been able to get a read on. He asks if there's a chance that Anderson is 'working' him, the fans, and Morgan. Anderson says maybe but you'll know when he steps foot in the ring at Genesis. Anderson says guys like himself always finish first. Morgan says when that bell rings at Genesis the gloves are off. Anderson mocks him and Morgan gets in his face. Morgan says Anderson is going to be looking at two things this Sunday, right cross = hospital, Carbon Footprint = graveyard. He walks off as Anderson watches him.

    No DQ Match
    Jeff Jarrett vs. Rob Van Dam

    Jarrett and RVD circle but Jarrett backs away rather then lockup. Jarrett circles again and then he goes for a roundhouse kick but Van Dam catches the leg and hits the Stepover Heel Kick. RVD does the "R-V-D" taunt at Jarrett and then Jarrett pokes him in the eyes this time and goes for another kick and yet again RVD catches the foot and this time nails him with a Spinning Heel Kick! RVD hits Jarrett with forearms and shoulder blocks in the corner followed by a Snapmare Takeover and then a Springboard Flying Back Kick! RVD goes for Rolling Thunder but Jarrett rolls out of the ring to avoid it. Jarrett jogs around the ring and then climbs back in Gunner and Murphy grab RVD's leg. RVD nails Jarrett with a forearm but then Gunner & Murphy trip RVD which allows Jarrett to jump on RVD nail him with strikes on the mat. RVD hits Jarrett with a couple of body shots and tries to whip him into the ropes but Jarrett reverses it and then locks RVD in a Sleeper. RVD fights it and finally gets back to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows. RVD nails Jarrett with right hands and then a series of clotheslines followed by a Superkick. One of the guys in Team Jarrett storms the ring but RVD just side steps him and the guy goes flying over the top rope to the floor. RVD grabs a steel chair and another member of Team Jarrett comes in and eats a clothesline. Another eats a Superkick and yet another feels a Forearm Smash. Gunner & Murphy come in and attack RVD and beat on him. They hold RVD as Jarrett punches RVD in the face repeatedly. Finally he tells them to let go and as he winds up for a big right RVD springs to his feet and hits a Spinning Back Kick from out of nowhere on Jarrett! RVD then nails Gunner & Murphy with forearms and Superkicks! Jeff Hardy slides in the ring out of nowhere and hits the Twist of Hate on RVD! Jarrett rolls Van Dam over and gets the pin.

    Winner: Jeff Jarrett

    After the match Hardy continues to beat on RVD and Jarrett joins in. Matt Morgan's music hits and he runs out to make the save. Clotheslines and right hands for Jarrett & Hardy and then he tosses Jarrett into the corner but Hardy grabs a steel chair! Anderson comes from out of nowhere and grabs the chair and swings it at Hardy but Hardy ducks and Anderson hits Morgan in the back with it! Anderson doesn't seem to care too much that he hit Morgan as Hardy and Jarrett bail. Morgan looks up at Anderson holding the chair as Anderson leaves the ring.

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    Its like TNA still doesnt realize Jarrett doesnt draw anyone?
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      lets make all the heels really crappy heels, and tease all the faces being heels- or lets just not watch TNA...