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Brad Keselowski Day Declared in Michigan

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  • Brad Keselowski Day Declared in Michigan

    Not for sure when this happened. I live in Jackson (about 80 miles west of Keselowski's home town) and this was NEVER mentioned on the local news or the Detroit News.

    Now, as many of you know, EVERYONE knows.... I am NOT a Keselowski fan...but comeon..this is a Michigan boy done good! If the State Assembly is going to proclaim a "BK Day" then dammit!... post it up so we know about it!


    "People that know me know that I'm a big Michigan guy. I'm very proud to be from the Detroit area -- I loved the Super Bowl commercial that Eminem did for Chrysler. On Tuesday of this week I flew back up to my home state so that the Michigan State Assembly could proclaim it "Brad Keselowski Day." I'll be honest, it felt really good. I could see how proud it made my family. I never thought I would be receiving an honor like that from the State of Michigan." - Brad Keselowski
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    Wait..we have Brad Keselowski day but no Dan Gladstone day!?!? Outrage!
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